How To Display A Classic Car At A Car Show

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The feeling in the air at a classic car show is unique. The sensory input is exhilarating, with the smell of nice leather, bright light reflecting off the vehicles, and the chattering of the crowd simultaneously thriving in the venue.

Young people get to see classic models for the first time, while older attendees reminisce on the ones they used to own. If you’re considering entering your prized possession into an event, here are a few tips on how to display a classic car at a car show.

Make Sure Your Car’s Interior Is Clean Before Arrival

Although the exterior draws attendees from afar, the interior also needs maintenance. Thoroughly cleaning your interior can make the difference between walking home with a prize or leaving empty-handed.

Your seats should look brand new, so wipe them down in addition to areas where dust particles collect, such as the dashboard and controls. Vacuuming or steam cleaning the entire floor and the floor mats will earn you high ratings from judges and spectators.

Take a Detail-Oriented Approach Towards Maintaining the Exterior

The first thing people notice about your car is the exterior, so polished wheels and grills are paramount to having an immaculate vehicle. You want people to see the shining chrome from miles away, and your mirrors, license plate, and headlights should be sparkling.

As for the body, a car wash and some wax aren’t enough to make it stand out. Swirl marks are common after a wax job, so investigate your exterior for scratches, rust, dents, and any other impurities that diminish its visual impact. Also, take a look before the event begins to make sure shipping went smoothly for your classic car.

Be Careful With Your Engine Before Bringing Your Car To the Show

Gearheads and auto enthusiasts love to discuss mechanical components; the cleanliness under the hood of your car and the engine will be on full display. Crevices near the hood are where residue smudges and chemical stains are likely to occur, so if you see any before the show wash them out. The best way to get rid of these spots is with a cloth and heavy-duty cleaning material.

Allow Your Creativity To Shine Through Your Display

After getting your car ready for the show, it’s time to open it to the public. When displaying your vehicle, raise the hood and open every door, window, and compartment so attendees can look at the details.

If you restored the car after purchasing it, show before and after pictures to let people know how hard you worked on it. Any other items that explain the car’s model, its history, your history with it, and other personal details will draw spectators into your area.

Overall, adding originality by making the display your own adds to the exciting atmosphere at a car show. So now that you know how to display a classic car at a car show, it’s time to take home the big prize!