How To Create a Starter Kit for a New Dog Owner

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Are you or somebody you know getting ready to become a dog owner for the first time? Becoming a dog parent is an exciting time for anyone. Here’s how to create a starter kit for a new dog owner. You’ll gain ideas for what to include if you’re gifting this kit or need the equipment yourself. Let’s get started!

Include Food and Water Dishes

Stainless steel seems to hold up the best for dogs. It doesn’t absorb stains or odors, it’s effortless to clean, and it doesn’t release toxins into your dog’s food or water. Find dishes that have rubber rings on the bottoms. These rings will prevent the bowls from sliding all over the floor.

Include Collar and Tags

There are various types of dog collars on the market, and different collars have distinct purposes. A nylon or flat collar is excellent at the beginning because they’re widely available in different colors and patterns. Also, they’re not too expensive. If you’re beginning with a puppy, they’ll grow at a rapid rate, meaning the collar will need replacing often. Keep this in mind as you’re choosing a collar.

Find a collar with a fun pattern and create a tag with the dog’s name and owner’s number in case the pup ever becomes lost or runs away.

Include Leashes

Consider including two types of leases in the starter kit for a new dog owner: a typical five-foot clip-on leash and a slip leash. The typical leash is perfect for walks around the block and quick outside bathroom breaks. The slip leash is for training purposes.

Include Toys

The starter kit wouldn’t be complete without toys! If the equipment is for a puppy, consider chew toys since puppies love to chew on things. No matter the age, dogs need some great toys to exercise and meet their mental stimulation needs. Look for toys made from natural materials as opposed to plastic.

Include Stain Removers

Accidents are a part of life for a new dog owner. Even older dogs will have accidents as they become accustomed to their new home. It’s a fantastic idea to include stain removers for when those accidents happen.