How to Choose a Dog Crate: An Ultimate Guide

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Every dog owner needs to have a dog crate for their canine friend. You may not think a dog crate will be useful until you have to travel with your dog. For families that love to travel a lot, a dog crate is part of their lifestyle. However, if you are a dog owner who does not own a dog crate yet, it might be time to consider getting one.

Dog crates are fantastic to help keep a dog calm and in position throughout a tour. It is useful for when you are driving or even when on public transport. Usually, airplanes require you have a dog crate for you to travel with your pet. That said, there are a couple of things you need to know before you buy your dog crate. Find them below:

Consider the size of your dog

Dogs differ significantly in size, mostly due to their ages and dog breed. Some dogs are incapable of growing bigger, while others can really surprise you will how big they become. The size of your dog matters because you need a crate that will not suffocate your dog and make him uncomfortable. The measurement you need for your dog are:

  1. Height – measure from their shoulder to their paw
  2. Length – measurement from then tip of their nose to the tip of their tail

Technically, the size of the dog crate should be large enough to accommodate your dog in a standing position. The door of the dog crate should also be large enough for the dog to climb in without struggles.

Consider the weight of your dog

If you really want to get the best dog crate for separation anxiety, then weight issues should not come in your way. Ensure that the dog crate you choose can support the entire weight of your dog, especially in motion. The crate, therefore, should be sturdier than the dog.

Growth of your dog

At what stage in the life of your dog are you buying a dog crate? Some dog owners buy a crate for their dogs when they are still pups. In that case, you need to account for the growing needs of your dog. In a couple of months, the dog crate must accommodate for weight, height, and length gains from your dog. However, this mostly matters if the breed of your dog is one to grow in all those areas.

Consider the material of the dog crate

Different dog crates feature different materials. Some are made of wire, while others of plastic. However, you need to go for a container that features a leak-proof bottom to prevent the passage of fluids. Not only that, the kind of crate you need is one that has ventilated side panels so that you do not end up suffocating your dog. As a side note, you may need to get a crate that allows visibility, which helps your dog feel relaxed and more included in the traveling experience. Consider also the softness of the crate to your pup.

Overall, the materials used in making the crate should be sturdy enough to resist and withstand pressure. Remember, your dog may resist getting into the crate, and that kind of resistance can cause a bend on the crate if it is not of high-quality material.

Your budget

The kind of crate you choose should be guided by the generosity of your budget in that particular investment. You would obviously expect varying prices for different types of dog crates, based on the brand name, size, quality, and material.


There you have it! Consider this your ultimate guide to choosing the most suitable dog crate for your dog, without having to compromise on quality or undermine your dog’s comfort.