Household Things You Didn’t Know You Could Donate

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If you care about your community and want to support it, there’s a good chance you’re looking to find an easy way to do that without draining your bank account. The good news is that there are plenty of household things you didn’t know you could donate that will still make an impact and help those who need them. How does this work? We’ll walk you through the basics and give you some ideas of what you can donate.

How Do These Things Help Others?

A lot of these items can seem like useless clutter, but that isn’t really the case. For people who have a lot already, the small things can seem much less important as time goes on. To someone who struggles to meet their basic needs, every little thing helps.

However, another way these items can help comes down to where you donate them. Some organizations will take almost anything usable and resell it to secondhand stores, ultimately using the money they generate from that sale to donate directly to charitable organizations.

What You Can Donate

There are a ton of different options for things to donate all over your home. While everyone is familiar with donating their old clothing, your home hides more useful and donatable items than you might realize. Read on to explore a few examples of the kinds of things to keep an eye out for, as these items can go on to assist others either directly or through monetary contributions.


As long as the furniture is in good condition, old furniture can be immensely helpful to someone who doesn’t have the money to furnish a place with brand-new models. Many organizations sell furniture donations to secondhand stores and donate the proceeds to other charities as well.

Home Décor

There are so many types of home décor items you can donate along with your old furniture. Again, secondhand stores or thrift stores purchase most of these kinds of items. This process creates more funds to use as donations to various charities. It also puts these items up for sale for much cheaper than they would be normally, increasing their accessibility to others.

Sports Equipment

Children who want to play sports but are from families struggling with money can often find themselves out of luck. Donated sports gear is a great way to put that pile of equipment you or your children have outgrown back into use for others.

Old Electronics

Televisions, cell phones, and other small electronics have many uses for people in tough financial situations. Cell phones are almost a necessity nowadays yet getting brand-new devices can cost a fortune. Even if they don’t reenter the market the same way, your electronics still have components that buyers can strip out and sell for money as well.