Habits to Strengthen Your Parent-Child Relationship


If you’re a parent, chances are you crave those moments of connection with your child. Whether it’s a simple hug or a deeper, emotional connection from a true conversation, no matter how old your child is, a flourished relationship is incredible. If you’re looking to create some habits to strengthen your parent-child relationship, take a look below. From showing genuine gratitude to putting the phone away for dinner-time, there are many ways to deepen the connection between parent and child.

Have at Least Eight Physical Connections a Day

When you first think about it, eight physical connections each day may seem like a lot. But for young children, that’s the bare minimum of physical touch—the more the better! Even just small moments, like a pat on the back or rubbing their shoulder are enough to get your child to open up a bit more and deepen your connection.

Play and Laugh Together

The endorphins you get from working out and moving are the same things that can help grow your relationship with your child. Playing and laughing together keep you connected with your child and create lasting memories. Make laughter and play a daily habit—it will help reduce stress and anxiety in you and your child as well.

Show Genuine Gratitude

Figuring out how to show your child gratitude may seem a bit difficult, but here’s a simple tip: show gratitude rather than tell. Instead of just telling your kids you’re grateful for them, work on showing them this gratitude and thankfulness as well. Leave an uplifting note in their lunch, fix their room up on a busy day—these acts of kindness go a long way!

Actively Listen and Empathize

True connection starts with active listening. Though you may want to butt in and fix the problem, sometimes all your child needs is for you to sit there and listen to them vent. Ask leading questions that will help them delve into the situation deeper and give you a better understanding of their headspace. You don’t need to tell them they did something wrong, especially in that first moment. Instead, empathize with their situation.

Turn Off Technology

This is a quick habit that you should implement as soon as possible—turn off technology! You don’t need your phones at the dinner table, and you don’t need to sit on your laptops and tablets while you’re in the same room together. Shutting off those distractions will lead to a more genuine conversation and connection between you.

Choose Affirmations

Though you definitely need to show your gratitude, you still need to vocalize your thankfulness. Give your children boosts of positivity every day in the form of affirming statements. Go beyond appearance compliments and delve into what you like about their character and personality. These will show your love and help improve their self-confidence!