Great gifts for that friend who’s super stressed about their move

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Nothing ever lasts forever. Change is just one of those things that are part of life that we can rarely control. On the other hand, change is what makes life more beautiful- a constant carousel of special moments that come and go as rapidly as they came. We have all experienced moments where we have been forced to say goodbye to loved ones that are moving away. 

Though it is never easy, sometimes saying goodbye is what makes you value friendship. When you add to that the stress of a move, it can all get a little overwhelming; perhaps even more stressful for the individual that is moving away. To make it a little easier on you both, why not get your friend a little something that will help to make the move and their new chapter in life a little more tolerable?

Here are some great gifts that you can give to a friend that is super stressed about their move:

Saying goodbye candle

Never underestimate the power of a simple gift like a candle. According to Bob Johnson at NJGamblingFun, ‘’the best gifts to give to anyone are those that are unique yet thoughtful. When giving a gift, you want to educe the ‘oh wow’ effect in any gift that you give; and a great scented candle can help you do just that.’’

During instances of stress such as a move, a balanced, scented candle can do wonders for stress levels and anxiety. A scent such as lavender helps to bring back joyful memories, which will come in handy when your friend starts to miss your time together.

When picking a candle for your friend, pay attention to the sight and smell as the scent and appearance of your candle will impact whether it is a hit or a miss. Beyond that, you also want a candle that has a good burn time; one with 60 to 70 hours of burn time will prove very effective. 

A Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan Salt lamps have been on trend for a while now and it is easy to see why they are so appealing. While they make attractive pieces that fit well in just about every room in the house, these illuminative gadgets are more than just decorative. Himalayan salt lamps help to filter any impurities in the air, therefore helping to create a balanced and mindful living space.

For a friend that is already burdened by the stress of a move, the soothing pink glow produced by these lights can help to induce feelings of relaxation. Although most Himalayan salt lamps are pink, please note that they can range in color from light pink to an orange hue depending on their mineral concentration.

A Ganesha figurine

Is your friend spiritual? A Ganesha figurine may be just what you need to turn their frown upside down. Ganesha refers to a Hindu elephant-headed god that signifies success, opulence, and fortune, all of which are things that your friend will need in their new life. Let your friend know that you care and support them in their new start with this exquisite collectible.

An essentials care package

During a move, the last thing on anyone’s mind is buying necessities such as wet wipes, detergent, laundry bags and so on. As such, giving a care package full of all the essentials that your friend will need during their first weeks at their new home is not only thoughtful but practical as well.

With your package full of essentials, your friend can focus on the move and settling down instead of worrying about the little things. Throw in some cozy items such as fuzzy socks, an elegant robe, and face masks for stress relief, snacks or even wine to tide them over during their travels.

Plan a spa date

Since your friend will be moving away, a spa date together can be just what you need to relish your last days together. A spa day can offer a much-needed break from packing and organizing and it can help to restore your sanity. Book an overnight stay for two at your favorite local spa and at the end of it, you will more likely feel younger, lighter (as in less tension, not weight), happier and more bonded than ever.

If you are a little strapped for cash, there is really no need to spend big bucks at a fancy resort spa when you can create your little slice of heaven and tranquility right in the comfort of your home. Before you invite your friend over, make sure you conduct a deep cleaning session. Add candles to make the environment more Zen, scatter a few roses, and add a diffuser to the mix that will set the mood perfectly.

A weighted blanket

It can be very hard to sleep in a brand new environment, but a weighted blanket can ensure that your friend sleeps better after settling down. Weighted blankets have a calming effect thanks to the deep touch pressure that the blankets produce. Deep touch pressure refers to one of the primary kinds of sensory information that helps to calm and organize the human sensory nervous system.

When deep touch pressure is applied, it can feel like a hug, as though someone is giving you a comforting cuddle without feeling constrained or hot. For a friend that is moving, cuddling up on the couch with a weighted blanket can help them relax and less stressed about the impending move. If your friend has trouble falling asleep, weighted blankets are also great for improving sleep.

Final Thoughts

Moving is stressful but watching your friend move away is even more nerve-racking. It is a strange feeling when you are deeply saddened to see your friends move to a new city but also excited about the new opportunities they will be exposed to. 

Giving a farewell gift that can double up as a stress reliever can not only help both you and your friend feel better about the move, but a great goodbye gift is something that the recipient can cherish for years to come.