Fun and Adventurous Things To Do This Summer

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Summer is the perfect season to enjoy outdoor activities and try new things! However, if you need help planning your seasonal outings, check out these fun and adventurous things to do this summer. You will find something great and entertaining!

Attend an Event in Another Town

Of course, Pittsburgh is an awesome place. But sometimes, it’s nice to experience new surroundings and have fun with other people from Pennsylvania. And one way to connect with new people is to attend an event in another town! This summer, take a mini trip to North Shore, Arlington, Soho, or Mount Washington and go on a fun outing. Maybe you’ll attend a summer music festival, or perhaps you’ll find a tasty food truck event. The possibilities are endless!

Try a New Food or Drink

Trying new foods and drinks is always fun because you may discover your next favorite thing! The next time you’re at a restaurant, order something you never ate before or buy a drink that sparks your interest. And don’t be afraid to get something strange. For example, pizza beer is one of the five strangest beverages from around the world that you can try! And who knows, this can be your new go-to drink.

Organize a Lawn Game Tournament

What’s better than friendly competition? Another fun and adventurous thing to do this summer is to organize a lawn game tournament. Gather different games, like corn hole, croquet, and badminton, and turn your lawn into the ultimate play area! Invite friends and family over, challenge each other to games, and enjoy this activity-filled day outside.

Go Camping or Visit a Cabin

Camping is a staple summer activity that you can enjoy. Plan a weekend adventure and stay at a campground or visit a cabin. Either way, you’re in nature and soaking up the sun. In addition, you can engage in exciting activities like hiking or swimming. This option is great for the whole family!