Father’s Day Gift Ideas for a Foodie in the Family

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What do you give a man with a discerning palate? A little respect, for starters. While the other dads were wolfing down chili dip in front of the TV, your dad was carefully crafting a charcuterie tray that everyone would enjoy. We believe that good taste should get a reward. Forget the socks this year and instead try one of these Father’s Day gift ideas for the foodie in the family.

Coffee Subscription

Expand his horizons with one of the many coffee-of-the-month clubs that offer beans and flavors from all corners of the globe. You can focus on coffees from his favorite region, independent companies, tasting kits, or charitable causes. Some services will ask your father to fill out a survey so they can customize the subscription.

Gourmet Chocolates

With some high-end sweets, your father can finish every meal with a satisfied smile. You can give chocolates that are little works of art, exotic truffles from France, or gift assortments that he can sample at his leisure.

Sushi-Making Kit

A basic kit with a bamboo mat, wooden tools, and chopsticks costs next to nothing. Others have elaborate tools and novelty molds. Or you can put one together yourself, with all the fish and seaweed he’ll need for some raw fun. Just be prepared to follow through by tasting the results.

Milk Frother

Whether you have a basic budget or want to go technologically over the top, you’ll find a frother at every price point. Dad can experiment with his own techniques for crafting the perfect cappuccino, latte, or even alcoholic beverage.

His Own Garden

Give him all the ingredients for culinary success. No foodie in the family can resist this Father’s Day gift idea: a way to grow his own recipes (especially if you offer to help with the weeding). You can present him with a variety of vegetable seeds, a kitchen counter herb garden, a low-maintenance grow bag, or even a log that sprouts organic oyster mushrooms.