Falling for You: Fall Date Night Ideas for Wine-Lovers

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We love fall—the perfect chill in the area, the foliage, the way coziness creeps into all aspects of life. It’s a season so many people love and a season in which so many people fall more in love with their partners. Whether it’s the apple-picking laughs or the scary movie cuddles, there’s always some activity that spurs love along.

To help people looking for more romantic ideas for the season, we’ve compiled a list of fall date night ideas. But these aren’t just any ideas—they’re catered to people who love wine just as much (okay, maybe a little more) as their partners. Explore these fall date night ideas for wine-lovers! Besides, even if you’re not huge into wine, you can replace the glass with your favorite beverage. Check it out!

Wine and Chocolate Pairing

How is a wine and chocolate pairing a date night, you ask? This isn’t something you can complete in a few minutes—make a night of delving into your inner sommelier. Put on your favorite fall film or your favorite music or get some games ready; then, mix and mingle your chocolates and wines.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out this chocolate and wine pairing guide to get your bearings. And if you’re not really sure if wine is your thing, start with simple wines such as chardonnay or moscato, and then go from there. It’s an experience you won’t regret having together!

Outdoor Movie Night and Bonfire

Get cuddly and cozy one night with an outdoor movie and bonfire extravaganza. It’s not as hard as it sounds to get your outdoor movie setup just right, but if you don’t want to finagle the whole big screen, you can get your laptop ready while the fire’s ablaze.

Make it even better with some wine and popcorn by your side. The whole date isn’t necessarily wine-focused, but it does give your romantic date a bit more class.

Hike and Picnic

On a nice fall day, head out for a scenic hike. As we said, the foliage is one of the best parts of the season, so don’t miss out on it. Take a day trip to some of the best spots nearby, pack a picnic and your favorite wine, and head out for a picture-perfect fall date day. Make it a sunrise or sunset hike for even better views!

Winery Day

If you’re able to, and if there are open wineries nearby, head to some that are practicing social distancing. Sit on the patio with some hard ciders or wine, and embrace the aesthetic of fall with iconic fall beverages. This is also a great double-date option—just make sure you have a designated driver!

These are just a few fall date night ideas for wine-lovers. But really, any date can be a date for wine-lovers—just bring along your favorite bottle!