Everything You Need to Start an Indoor Herb Garden Today

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At this point, everyone should be growing an herb or two in their kitchen. Herbs are super simple to get going and even easier to maintain once they’re older.

Using freshly picked herbs is an affordable way to flavor sauces or garnish dishes. You’ll save lots of money compared to utilizing store-bought herbs. Also, there’s nothing quite like picking a few basil leaves to add to your simmering marinara. Sounds tasty? Here’s everything you need to start an indoor herb garden today.

Find Space Near a Window

Herbs need about six to eight hours of direct sunlight a day. They must live on either a windowsill, table, countertop, or shelf. If your horizontal space options are minimal, there are plenty of wall planters to purchase online or make by following DIY templates.

Depending on where you live, it might be hard to get that much direct sunshine. Keeping herbs in stand-alone pots is handy if you need to move them from window to window throughout the day to follow the sun. If this is too much work or you aren’t home during the daytime, you could always invest in a growing light.

Gather Seeds, Pots, and Soil

If you want to skip a few steps and start eating herbs now, young plants are the way to go! However, if you start from scratch, you’ll only have to get some seeds, pots, and soil. This is really everything you need to start an indoor herb garden today.

Follow the directions on the seed packet for each plant’s specific germination and depth requirements. You should stick to one plant per pot, whether you’re growing them with soil or trying to save space by growing plants hydroponically.

Harvest and Eat Regularly

Did you know that trimming plants regularly (i.e., eating them) helps encourage more plant growth? It’s true! Herbs plants are healthier when providing some sprigs occasionally. Just don’t take too much at a time (more than 25 percent of the plant), or else it may suffer.

Herbs have so many uses in dishes and across the house. Fresh rosemary can enliven any potato or chicken meal, while mint is perfect for aromatics during a bath.

Next time you pass the seed aisle or carousel at the store, pick up a few of your favorites so that you can transform your dishes!