Emerge Yourself in Italian Culture

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There are many reasons why Italian culture has become so loved, not just as an integral part of the foundation of European culture, but as a phenomenon that people have attempted to recreate globally. But what is really at the heart of Italian culture? This question has a range of different answers depending on why you ask and what you want to focus on, so in this article we are going to focus on the most universally understood concept of Italian culture as we attempt to answer that very question.  


This is a heading that should come with an explanation mark. Because if the expert picks in football are right, Italian teams and Italian football rank among some of the best teams in the world and watching it online is immensely popular. It’s therefore also one of the countries that are most dedicated to the sport, and not to mention the results of the games they play. Especially when Italy plays against their Spanish, English or French rivals, who also rank among the best teams in Europe. But in Italy, watching, betting on and staying on top of the unfolding of the football season is an essential part of the culture and bars and restaurants often show the games to a much greater extent than most other countries in Europe.  


Another professional pick you should be focusing on if you want to go all the way with Italy is how to pick the perfect pizza. Because food in Italy is not like food anywhere else. Pizza and pasta, and gelato, might be the most commonly known Italian dishes, but in truth the Italian cuisine contains so much more than that. Cheese, olives and fresh vegetables and fish. Italian cooking is not just what Americans have adopted as comfort foods but offers an avalanche of  other fresh dishes. 

One thing that surprises many is that people who experience gluten intolerances in countries like the US or other places that have heavily processed gluten can eat things in Italy without any discomfort. The way things are grown is among the things that are so appealing in Italian culture and offers both more nutrition and more enjoyment. Because while flour will always be a processed ingredient, the way it’s created and processed will forever be different to how things are done in the US and other places that don’t have the same respect for nature and agriculture as Italy has.

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