Effects of Anal Itching to Quality of Life


Anal itching refers to a wide range of conditions that cause irritation and itching around the anus. For most people, the itchiness is a sign of some sort of inflammation or irritation that requires treatment. If untreated, the itching can result in burning sensation and serious pain. While most people take it as a minor annoyance, anal itching can lead to a number of disruptions of one’s daily life. So once you feel something, highly recommended is to start a treatment with ointments such as Pranicura to prevent future discomforts. If you still think that it is not a big deal, read the following effects of anal itching to quality of life (QoL):

1.Impairment of activities of daily living

Studies have indicated that chronic itching may have a QoL impact that is comparable to that of chronic pain. This means that patients with chronic pruritus carry a great burden of disease that’s comparable to those with chronic pain. With a heavy burden of disease, you may not be able to accomplish the routine activities of daily living. This includes cooking, driving, or even working at the office.

2. Not able to enjoy life outdoors 

Nothing is as embarrassing as being caught scratching your butt. To avoid the embarrassment, you mind it best to stay indoors, away from the public eye. This kind of seclusion prevents you from enjoy life outdoors, which means that you not be able to go out shopping or go out for a walk in the park. You may also not be able to go out to dinner or for a swim at the beach. Not being able to interact with others and enjoy life outdoors will ultimately have a negative effect on the quality of life. 

3. Development of symptoms of depression

The fact that you will not be able to enjoy life like everyone is enough to stress you out. Furthermore, there will be times when you will be caught up in certain situations that will dampen your mood, such as catching other people looking at you disgustingly, people refusing your handshake, or refusing to eat the food you’ve prepared, or refusing to be the same medium with you for fear of contamination, and so forth. When you encounter all these depressing situations, you are more susceptible to getting stressed and depressed.

4. Poor love life

It is such bad luck being single and at the same time, a patient that suffers from chronic anal itching. You may not only be unable to go out to social places, but you may also find it hard to get close to the opposite sex due to your embarrassing problem. If you are married, the itching can get in the way of your love life, especially if your significant other wasn’t prepared to honor the “in sickness and in health” promise. Besides your love life, your sex life can be negatively affected by anal itching.

5. Financial burden

If you have anal itching, you need to see a doctor If your anal itching is persistent, you may find treating this condition to be costly. Even though there are some home remedies that can help you relieve the symptoms, you may need more potent treatments and creams to treat the anal itching, which may be an added expense. This kind of financial burden can ultimately affect the quality of life.

If you are suffering from anal itching, it’s best to seek medical help from your doctor as early as possible. This is to ensure that the root cause of the problem is the problem advances to even a huge problem. With the right medication, you can be treated and thus avoid the negative effects that can impact the quality of your life.