Divorce Recovery Retreat: Choosing a Post-Breakup Vacation

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Divorce is not over when the decree is granted to you. There is still a recovery period ahead. So when you calculate the average cost of divorce in Florida, add several hundred to spend on your post-divorce vacation as well. Traveling will be a perfect solution for your treatment after divorce. Your only task is to choose the right conditions and destination for your perfect vacation and gather inspiration and recharge for your new life there.

How To Get a Perfect Vacation

Before heading to your recovery place, you should consider all the details and reflect on your cravings so that you can spend your vacation with maximum benefits. Take into account the following tips and options and pack up for the best suitable journey without hesitation.

Choose Between Solo and Group Travel

You should decide whether to travel on your own or surround yourself with your nearest friends and/or relatives. Solo travel will give you time and the possibility to concentrate on yourself. A new environment and experience will inspire you to reflect on your feelings and emotions, analyze your past and plan your happy future. You will have no one by your side to interrupt your dwellings and buzz around with unnecessary advice.

Contrastly, group travel will suit people who cannot be on their own in times of trouble. Here you have two options as well. You can either travel with your support team for them to cheer you up and help you overcome the post-divorce complications. Or you can join the tour with a group of strangers so that you feel safe but more independent and at peace. 

Pick out Your Level of Comfort

When planning your divorce retreat decide on your travel type depending on the comfort level you need. You may try something extreme like a hiking tour or pilgrimage to dare your physical strength and empower your inner self. You can get some chill at a cruise liner or party island to feel young and at ease again. Or you can opt for a spa retreat or yoga weekend to unleash your inner energy and find inspiration. 

By understanding your real intentions and plans for post-divorce vacation, you will manage to pick out the best suitable option and satisfy your desires in the end.

Make Proper Arrangements

Planning is another secret to your successful travel after divorce. The more arrangements you make the easier it will be for you to relax and enjoy your trip later. Dwell on and book the following things in advance:

  • destinations
  • timeframes of travel
  • transportation
  • accommodation
  • food
  • activities
  • budget, etc.

It is also great to think of at least one alternative for every point of your arrangements so that when an accident happens it doesn’t bring any stress to you. 

Be Open and Flexible

Although proper planning is great, sticking to your plans too much may bring you more unpleasantries than benefits. Contrastly, when choosing among divorce recovery retreats it is recommended to be open and flexible. Then it will be simpler for you to adjust your travel schedules to force-majeure, grab hot proposals, and set on a journey of your life. 

What Destinations to Consider

When planning your retreat journey after divorce you can choose any location all around the planet, up to your preferences and travel budget. But if you don’t know where to start, here are some ideas for you.


India is among the top popular destinations for breakup retreats. The lands of bright culture, unusual and delicious cuisine and a mixture of beliefs, mentality, and moods are there to grant you inspiration and encouragement. By visiting India you will reassess your life principles and start treating things around you in a different and better way.

European Tour

Whether you choose summer vacation in Croatia, a gastro tour to Italy, or explicit nightlife in Berlin, Germany, Europe has certainly got what to propose to you. You can pick out one destination or have a complex tour around European cities to broaden your views, relax, and have a great time after divorce.

Trans-Atlantic Cruise

A Trans-Atlantic cruise is a universal choice for a divorcee to switch off their thoughts from the daily routine and spend some time with pleasure. You can choose between solo cruises with cabins and activities organized appropriately. Or you can pick out the cruise with your interests and activities included in the program. There are sports cruises, divorce recovery, music festivals on the board of liner, and so many more.


Thailand is a place of contrasts and freedom. You can be what you want and do whatever you like in Thailand. No matter whether you are after active nightlife, sightseeing tours, or pilgrimage, there will be a possibility to satisfy all your needs and desires.

North America Mountains

If you are looking for a place to test your physical power and free your mind, you should take a hiking tour along the North American mountains. You can try out a famous Appalachian trail, or get to the top of any chosen mount, there are plenty to choose from. Divorce recovery tours are organized to enjoy the hiking adventure with like-minded people and reinvent yourself. 


Traveling after divorce can be a crucial step forward in your recovery and self-development. It will help you gain energy and inspiration for a new life after marriage failure. Decide what kind of retreat you need. Pick out a suitable destination. Make proper arrangements and pack up to meet your happiness without delay.