Did you know these natural home remedies for diabetes?

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Did you know these natural home remedies for diabetes

Diabetes is a common problem in almost every household. With our increasingly erratic diet plans due to our busy schedules, the disease is becoming more prevalent and difficult to fight off.

The reason why I have enlisted some natural remedies that can help lower your blood sugar levels and combat diabetes:

1. Include Karela Juice in your daily diet (Bitter Gourd)

Karela is one of the best ingredients to reduce blood sugar levels naturally. It is rich in plant insulin and contains two of the most essential compounds that help lower blood sugar levels – Charatin and Momordicin. Simply include karela in your daily diet and you will start to see the amazing effects.

You can cook karela and consume it in a curry or can slice it up and juice it. Drink this juice daily in empty stomach and you will soon observe a decrease in your blood sugar levels but also a boost in your overall health. Not only in diabetes, Karela benefits for health are simply awesome.

2. Make use of Fenugreek seeds from your kitchen

This is a common ingredient in most of our kitchens. Along with improving the taste of meals, Fenugreek also helps in controlling diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels. You can consume

Fenugreek by either turning it into powder and mixing it with water or milk or soaking some of it in water overnight and drinking it the water in an empty stomach early morning. Not only will this reduce your blood sugar levels but also help improve your glucose tolerance and stimulate the secretion of insulin.

3. Mango leaves can do wonders if put-to-use right

Mango leaves are a fantastic natural ingredient to help you combat diabetes. Induct these in your daily diet and you will see a fall in your blood sugar levels.

You can convert the leaves into a powder and take this powder either late at night during bedtime or early in the morning. You can also boil mango leaves in water and leave it to cool overnight before you drink it in an empty stomach in the morning to avail the best health benefits it has to offer.

4. Increase your consumption of Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

The presence of sufficient quantities of Vitamin C in the body is important to combat diabetes. Amla is one of the best-known sources of Vitamin C which helps in stimulating pancreas for secretions that help balance blood sugar levels.

You can simply eat a raw Amla daily or mix its juice with karela juice and consume it regularly in order to see a significant fall in your blood sugar levels.

5. Don’t forget Drumsticks (Moringa Leaves)

Drumsticks are one of the best ingredients to keep the blood sugar levels in control and also increases the general energy levels of the body. Their composition includes nutrients that help increase insulin production in the body which in turn helps reduce blood sugar levels.

On top of that, infusing drumsticks in your daily diet is the easiest because you simply have to add a couple of tablespoons of it to a meal and your meal will become a lot tastier and healthier.

6. Spend your leisure hours under the sun

Various studies have proven that Vitamin D is a stimulant for the secretion of insulin in the body. So it is important that you have sufficient quantities of the vitamin in your body and what better natural source of it than the Sun? You can simply expose your skin to the sun for at least 30 minutes daily. You can also include Vitamin D rich foods like orange, cheese, cereals and soy milk in your daily diet.

7. Drink plenty of water

Not consuming enough water can lead to various diseases while on the contrary sufficient water in your body can help combat a line of life-threatening illnesses. For people suffering from diabetes, urinating more is common as the kidneys try to pass out excess glucose in the urine.

Thus, diabetics are at a high risk of dehydration and must consume at least 2 litres of water daily. You can also include several fruit juices and other liquids in your diet to keep yourself hydrated. Staying hydrated will help you pass out a lot of the excess glucose through urine and help in reduction of blood sugar levels.

Follow at least one of the mentioned methods and you will be able to significantly reduce your blood sugar levels naturally and combat diabetes.