Develop an understanding of a pulldown kitchen faucet

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A complete kitchen sink needs a tap with a sprayer to make your daily cleaning, washing, and meal preparation tasks a breeze. Many homes either use an ordinary faucet or a faucet with separate sprayer. Both these choices can be against your modern interior theme or style of working. The regular taps can only be suitable for your basic kitchen habits. You cannot expect any flexibility from them in terms of increased reach or better control of water flow. On the other hand, a faucet and isolated spray head can look into your needs better. Still, it doesn’t go with contemporary sensibilities.

When you revamp your cooking zone after a modern concept, you focus on clean lines, getting more from less, and saving space. But this system doesn’t match the bare essential requirement in that sense. Nevertheless, there isn’t any challenge as you can fulfill your demands with a pulldown kitchen faucet. It can be the same as a regular tap, but it enjoys an edge over many due to its additional feature – a detachable spray head that you can pull downwards for flexibility and wider reach in the sink. You can explore a Kraus kitchen faucet with sprayer for a quick idea.

This plumbing fixture has massively evolved in the past few years in terms of ergonomic body and traits. It embodies an unmistakable futuristic magnetism that plays a significant part in making it a fit for progressive interior decoration. It will be right to say that you can depend on it to make your life simple. That’s why it makes sense to delve deep into this style of faucet with a built-in sprayer.

A brief look into a pulldown tap for your kitchen

One feature that sets it apart from others is the spray head that you can detach and pull down in the sink. American homes celebrate this choice for making their daily chores exceedingly efficient. For them, the ingenious design of this plumbing fixture works like an icing on the cake. If you need to take advantage of its sprayer, you will have to extend its spray head into the sink. Most of these styles come with a single lever function. Hence, whether you have to control hot and cold-water temperature or flow of the water, you can rely on the single handle to achieve your goal.

When you move its handle, the water flows back to the controller unit located in the bottom of the sink and comes back to the pulldown hose to fall from the spray head or spout. For the extensive reach of the spray head, you can pull it a bit down. This flexibility can feel like a blessing at the time of dealing with stubborn stains on your dishes. Look for pulldown models that come with a retractable hose. When you pull spray head down, you may sense a bit of resistance from the fixture due to the hose’s connection with the sink. But there is nothing to fear. The same reason allows the spray head to snap back into its designated space.  

It can be interesting to note that this movement occurs due to either a magnetic or spring technology. No matter whatever it is, a pulldown model looks quite intelligent for a busy place like the cooking zone due to this feature. 

The ability to turn 360 degrees can be another aspect, making this style of kitchen faucet an exciting choice. Although not many models display it, some branded products can swivel around the sink, creating more space for you.

Is it difficult to install a pulldown faucet?

If you purchase it from a branded store or seller, you wouldn’t have to bother about this. They usually provide all the essentials for mounting it hassle-free in your kitchen. You can pore over the manual to learn about the requirements. If you get the hang of it, you can do it yourself. Just make sure you love DIY projects. Otherwise, this can be a risky undertaking for you in terms of investment and expectations. Before you begin, look at your sink to confirm the number of holes. Usually, pulldown faucets need just one hole for installation. And even if there are additional holes in the basin, you can use the optional deck plate to fix this design and cover other unnecessary holes. 

What are the things to consider when buying a pulldown kitchen tap?

The four factors that deserve your immediate attention for the smooth installation of this design include the number of holes, type of valve, finish, and features. As hinted above, the faucet needs one hole in the sink to sit there. You have to see how far the pre-drilled hole is from the center of the drain. After all, it would be best if you were accurate with its position to avoid any splashing or spillover issues. Since these models come with a single hole and escutcheons (deck plates), you can expect a secure installation experience.

Another thing is the use of a ceramic valve in the design. A faucet with a ceramic valve can give you leak-proof and long-lasting service. Hence, it becomes a critical feature. Then, you can be attracted to its finish. Bronze, chrome, nickel, and stainless steel are some of the leading options. If you wish for a durable, and easy to maintain model, then stainless steel can be your best bet. Nowadays, a handful of brands offer spot-free finish to make sure your faucet doesn’t suffer stains or fingerprints.

Besides, the use of technology that makes your faucet more adaptable for any modern surroundings is also essential to examine. For instance, you can imagine about a water-saving aerator that checks the wastage of water, and dual function spray head that enables you to shift from vertical stream to sprayer when needed.

Kitchen faucets with sprayers are a vivid representation of the transformation of a regular-use item that can make most of your tasks comfortable and manageable. You can expect amazing choices in them if you want to explore more. There will be no shortage of appealing designs and useful features.