Ciao Pittsburgh: Connecting Us to Our Past and Preserving Our Traditions for Tomorrow


Ciao feature 71213 copyDear Ciao Pittsburgh readers,

I would like to take a moment to formally introduce myself.

My name is Jeff Fanala. I live southeast of the city in the town of West Mifflin. I am married, have a beautiful daughter and am currently employed in the healthcare administrative field.

If you recall, I was featured on several months ago sharing a life story of growing up Italian, my home and a feature about a Sicilian green-olive mix called Genovese salad.

Since, I have been hired on by the staff’s publisher, Jack DeLeonibus, as a contributor and assistant in promoting Ciao Pittsburgh and its growing line of products, especially outside of the city. It is a complete honor and privilege to be part of an enthusiastic and driven team that makes up the staff and I look forward to putting in my own dedicated effort as a contributor to the overall success this site has and will continue to become for you, our reader and patron.

I ask you to join us, this famiglia which is Ciao, on this fantastic journey of what is evolving into something truly special, a one-of-a-kind and original breeding ground this city and a heritage within it deserves in this digital, social day-and-age.

To share in this wonderful heritage, you have to always reflect on the past and the road it has paved.

From the known influx during the turn of the 20th century of Italian immigrants into this city and state overall, to the continued efforts today in preserving the culture and traditions that have made us what we are, all too often this connection society in general has with who we are is sometimes forgotten.

Now, when it comes to Italiano though, in contrast, us ‘Booters,’ whether from the sunny heel or the mountainous north, the tie to who and what we are, certainly, is a strong one. Something not so easily forgotten. And I’m putting that lightly.

That’s why today, exists. It serves as a connection, that tie, in 2013, bringing us into that seasoned pot to share our stories, all at times loud enough, with one or both hands in the air, just so we are heard. And that ‘respect’ is given and returned amongst us.

Ciao feature 71213a (w Ciao logo) copy

Via the team here at, our heart and soul go into our features over our community, local Italian merchants and everyone within it. The drive our publisher Jack De Leonibus exudes in his vision for the site and everything we have to offer is simply unparalleled. There’s no comparison remotely possible. It’s a recipe for success for everyone involved, especially you our reader and patrons! The recipes from our wonderful contributor Nicky D Cooks are nothing but authentic compositions that have withstood the test of time. The behind-the-scenes efforts of our webmaster and managing editor, Daniel Casciato, make this site integral with our partners, relevant, fresh and original, with more features and content than that of a freshly-baked Calzone!

Our overall outreach to inform, educate, entertain Italian-Americans and bring everyone, especially you, into this fold, is our goal. It’s today that the Fanala’s will make another pot of spaghetti after church on Sunday with the proverbial grandparents-sauce that has us always asking for another plate. And when the day comes, I want my family and friends to be able to reflect upon knowing that I on my part, did everything I could to continue the traditions of the previous generation, and the previous, and previous before that, so that tomorrow’s, will have in what we have today, here at Ciao Pittsburgh.

I will accept no less than that. That’s why you shouldn’t either, in joining us today! Take the moment to check us out and LIKE us on Facebook, follow-us on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, subscribe on YouTube and via RSS and even email.

Share the site with your family and friends!

And don’t forget our La Famiglia Espresso Blend and our newly released Italian seasoning blend Aroma which is simply incredible on anything! Thank you for taking the time to visit us here today, as tomorrow is the greater opportunity! May God Bless you and yours! Ciao! Buona giornata!