Celebrate the Fourth of July at Home

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For a variety of reasons, millions of Americans will celebrate the Fourth of July at home this year. Last year, people stayed home to avoid traffic, crowds, and long lines at events. This year, people are staying home largely because they have to. The recent pandemic has forced states to lock things down and cancel a lot of fun summer events. If you live in a state that has lifted the restrictions, congratulations! Have fun at the fireworks shows and carnivals. The rest of you will need these tips so you can celebrate Independence Day and have some fun.

Play Some Games

You don’t need much space to play the best summertime games. Games like bags, Beersbee, and spike ball don’t take much space and are a lot of fun. Throw a football around or get the baseball gloves out to play catch. It’s up to you what you play—just make sure that you win no matter what and that you have something to drink in your non-throwing hand.

Give Back to Veterans

Don’t lose sight of what the day means and stands for. Take a moment to give something back to the men and women who make it possible to have this celebration. They don’t ask for anything, so give them something. A small gesture to our fighting men and women will mean the world to them.

Shoot off Fireworks

Yes, fireworks are illegal in some states, but they are not in others. If you live in a state that allows fireworks, again, congratulations. Go to your favorite fireworks retailer and buy an obscene number of fireworks for when the sun goes down. You should either warn your neighbors or invite them over so they don’t call the cops.

Grill Lots of Meat

The Fourth of July is nothing without the smell of meat cooking over a fire. Pick out all your favorite meats, and throw them on the grill. Chicken is acceptable if it’s next to a steak; fish is okay, but that’s pushing it. A hardy fish like salmon is acceptable. Vegetables are not. On this day, vegetables must come in the form of potato salad and corn on the cob.

Decorate Everything

Drape red, white, blue, and stars from everything that will stand still. Plant mini flags along the driveway, and hang bunting from the gutters. Get red, white, and blue cups, plates, and napkins for eating on. Don’t miss any details. If there is something you need for the day, make sure it comes in one of the three colors—bonus points for all three.

Make a Playlist

Every epic celebration needs a soundtrack. Get on your favorite streaming service and make a playlist for the day. Celebrate the Fourth of July at home with some sweet tunes that set the tone for the day. Whatever your flavor is, there are no wrong answers when it comes to the playlist.