Capacity Limit of Casinos in Pennsylvania Set to be Raised

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With the situation in the world finally calming down, the entertainment industries are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Due to the increasing number of people getting vaccinated each day, as of April 4, the capacity limit of Casinos in Pennsylvania increased to 75 percent of occupancy. 

Pennsylvanians have proven to be very responsible citizens, and following safety protocols and getting vaccinated, helped reduce the spread of covid-19. As a reward, it looks like life will return to normal sooner rather than later. 

Undoubtedly, entertainment industries and facilities like restaurants, bars, theaters, malls, and other service businesses have suffered tremendously over the last two years. But, thankfully,  they are getting back to more normal operations. 

However, the situation is still delicate. If people don’t keep following security measures, all the effort will be in vain.

Casinos in Pennsylvania have increased their capacity limit to 75 percent, but the following safety measurements are still necessary:

  1. Wearing masks
  2. Social distancing
  3. Wearing gloves

Although playing your favorite game at a casino while wearing a mask and gloves is not ideal, it’s a necessary and crucial step to protecting ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. 

Pennsylvania has come so far in resolving the situation with the pandemic. Still, we live in very uncertain times, and if not careful enough, things can go south again, and nobody wants that. 

Finally, a map of Pennsylvania casinos can be found here. This will go in handy for all the newcomers and visitors. There’s nothing more annoying than getting lost in an unknown state. 

The Future of Regular Casinos 

Traditional casinos in Pennsylvania are the second-largest traditional casino industry in the US. Revenue data shows that the industry has generated more than $3 billion annually since 2011. Needless to say, Pennsylvanians love to gamble. 

However, ever since the situation with the pandemic, traditional casinos have been battling to adapt quickly to survive. And online casinos became a threat to their success and survival. 

Operators at regular casinos are very aware that the internet gambling industry has been on the rise and took the spotlight away from them. 

Regardless, brick-and-mortar casinos are evolving and coming up with new ideas on how they can restore their glory. Some of the things they offer to surpass the online gambling industry are:

  1. Websites
  2. Virtual reality
  3. Live-dealer experience

Traditional casinos have been keeping up with all new trends that are making online gambling so popular. 

First and foremost, land-based casinos are launching their own websites to keep up with their rivals. 

Next,  traditional casinos are combining their websites to offer their players a virtual experience. VR technology is the future, and traditional casinos are well aware of that.

Finally, the live-dealer experience is the new trend in online casinos. Therefore land-based casinos are starting to offer their own version. Human dealers are running the games live. 

Needless to say that land-based casinos are doing their best to show their dominance and take out their competition. And it’s interesting to see whether they’ll fully succeed. 

Is Online Gambling A Good Alternative? 

From something that seemed to be just an alternative until the pandemic passed, an empire was created. The online gambling industry has never been so popular and successful as they are right now.

Most people started gambling online because they couldn’t go to a real casino. But as time went on, and as online casinos stepped up their game and started offering appealing features and rewards, people started to prefer online gambling over traditional ones. 

The online casino industry has won the hearts of many Pennsylvanians over the last two years. However, as land-based casinos are starting to wine and dine their audience, we have yet to see who will win. 

As for now, it can be said that Pennsylvanians are interested in seeing how traditional casinos use their full potential with the cards they have. Who knows, maybe they have a couple of aces up their sleeve and are waiting for the right moment to show them off.

Regardless, the online casino industry should be afraid of competition. During the pandemic, they were in the first place, but we have yet to see if they’ll stay at the top. 

The Main Advantage of Land-Based Casinos 

It’s undeniable that online casinos have a lot to offer, from beautiful and colorful design to various game options, and that’s what keeps people coming back for more. People love their slot machines like they love their food on a plate: simple but at the same time colorful and diverse. 

Although online casinos are number one in the gambling world, the land-based casino industry will not give up without a fight. And even if traditional casinos don’t add new game options and rewards, they’ll always have one thing that online casinos can’t have: live interaction and experience. 

No camera can replace physical presence and touch.  And no matter how much you try to make it real with virtual reality technology, it won’t be the same. 

People will always prefer face-to-face interactions, especially in the case of entertainment and fun. Therefore, traditional casinos will never get out of style.