Can beard oil give desired results- Major components of an effective Beard Oil?

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You cannot answer this question with a simple yes or no! The question here is what beard issues are you dealing with and what do you want the growther beard oil to do for you? Usually it tackles these issues:

  1. Enhances the health of the beard
  2. Keeps your beard clean, healthy and fresh
  3. Promotes better beard growth
  4. Add luster to the beard
  5. Lowers dandruff in the beard
  6. Lowers itching in the beard
  7. Soften the mane 

Before entering into details, it is essential to keep in mind that beard oils aren’t made equal. They differ in quality, concentration and type of the components included. Hence before you purchase a growther beard oil, it is important that you check the components and see if they are FDA approved. As per the FDA instructions, the largest concentration ingredients are mentioned first then the lowest are mentioned. 

Why ingredient concentration matters in beard oil?

Jojoba and argan oil are equally impactful beard oil components. An expert will instantly tell you not to waste your time with oil which doesn’t contain either of these incredible components. But, only these two ingredients aren’t sufficient. You need other things too to get the best results.    

Cheap beard oil in the market

As pure argan and jojoba oil are costly, using them in high concentration may increase the price of the oil. Some shady brands just include traces of these oils and charge a cheap price. In reality, the concentrations are low and will not yield any major benefit to your beard.

Why does the quality of the beard oil matters?

It isn’t just the concentration which is important but the quality plays an equal role. First it is important how the oil generating plant were grown and second how was the oil extracted. Cold pressing is suggested to be the right form of extraction.

Using solvent is a low-cost method to extract oil from plants. It lowers the efficacy of the beard oil. Shady oil companies use high concentration of bad quality components and sell.

What kind of beard oil is recommended for you?

Jojoba oil: It is a vegetable wax decked with omega-9 fatty acids which protects and rejuvenates your skin. It moisturizes the texture of your beard.

Argan oil: Decked with antioxidants and vitamins, it rejuvenates your beard and skin. It fights irritation and promotes beard growth. It also lowers fine lines and wrinkles.

Hemp oil: It strengthens your beard and skin and enhances blood circulation to hair follicles thereby promoting beard growth. 

Castor oil: It lowers inflammation and fills in the hair shaft scales thereby making your beard look fuller and healthier.

Eucalyptus oil: It has antiseptic qualities which keeps your beard and skin clean and fresh. It lowers blemishes and eradicates irritation.

If your growther beard oil has these ingredients, then it will enhance your beard growth and help you tackle all the issues you are facing. Beard Farmer has different oils with different mixes to meet your specific needs. Check out the products and place your order to efficient beard growth.