Calling On The Cinquecento Once Again

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In 1957, the Fiat Company did for the Italians what Volkswagen did for the Germans with the Beetle in 1945. It created the Fiat 500 – or The Cinquecento – a car to carry the Italian family through their daily lives. The car is built to last, is easy to maintain, and the costs are affordable for the average family. For years the Fiat 500 was a symbol of the Italian middle class, lining up outside in the city streets in front of apartments. Few things epitomize the Italian lifestyle as much as cooking, but the Fiat 500 comes pretty close.

A Brief Respite For The Beloved 500

The end of the Cinquecento was written on the wall when the company had to massive restructuring to the design thanks to the “suicide doors”. 1965 Called for dramatic changes and with the Sports model looking to recoup some of the sales thereafter, it was only a matter of time before this beloved stalwart of the motoring world became a relic of the past. The Fiat Company decided to stop further production on the Fiat 500 and instead focused attention on the newer, more modern Fiat 132 and 133. These were bigger and sturdier, playing into the desires of drivers in the seventies.

A Relic Or An Icon?

Fast forward a couple of decades to 2018 and the Fiat 500 still has hope, despite its initial demise. The car has reached cult status in Italy and abroad, with collectors looking to import this classic for their collection. The streets of Florence, Rome, and Milan still have the beloved Fiat 500 dotting the streets and parking areas. For Italians, the 500 is not just another classic to collect but a symbol of what it is to be Italian. Despite its age, the sheer volume of 500s still on the road is astonishing, but then, ease of maintenance has always been a selling point. A few local sellers looking to sell their Fiat 500 is hard to find, but a few deep searches into cars available in the area might just bring forth a mint condition symbol of the old country.

Breathing New Life Into An Old Favorite

It’s already been more than a decade since the unveiling of the new Fiat 500. This feisty remake of the old classic is reminiscent of a time where eating gelato on the piazza after a hot day at the beach was what Sundays were about. Although clearly modern, this model takes what made the original so special and makes it a little more practical for a modern family. As far as design is concerned, smooth lines prove that the aesthetic appeal of the old model still has enough charm to please new drivers. A classic color palette provides the nostalgic with a car that would make older generations proud.

Slightly bigger than the original model, the modern Fiat 500 brings the car into the twentieth century without taking away its charm. While many things change over the years, the Italian eye for style and design stays the same. The Sunday afternoon gelato tradition is complete once again.