Burger boxes – how to serve burgers and sandwiches for takeaway

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Do you run a hot sandwich stand, a burger place or a fast food restaurant? You certainly serve takeaway food frequently. Have you ever wondered how to use disposable packaging as a way to advertise your brand? Did you know that the cardbord  burger boxes https://www.hollypowder.com/products/boxes-for-burgers/ you use can convey a lot about your business to a customer? Find out how to serve takeaway food so that it acts as your best business card.

Eco-friendly burger boxes, cutlery and bags

When serving takeaway food, always choose biodegradable, eco-friendly and environmentally safe materials. Choose paper boxes for burgers, paper bags for French fries and paper buckets for chicken. If you include cutlery, never opt for the plastic ones. Why? Firstly, you are protecting the planet – and that is extremely important, and secondly, you are letting the customer know that your choices are eco-friendly. It sends a signal to your customers that you are well aware of the dangers of using plastic, for example, and that you rely on environmentally friendly solutions. You will certainly gain sympathy among many and your brand will evoke positive associations.

Well-packaged takeaway food

A well-packaged takeaway food reaches the customer intact. So how to package a dish so that it doesn’t lose its temperature and crispness, retaining all its qualities (including its appearance!) ? It is extremely important to choose the right packaging. By choosing the right packaging, it’s possible to effectively protect the food you are serving.

  • Food that is hot and crispy should be packed in boxes with openings. They ensure that the dish doesn’t get soggy, soft or lose the desired crispness.
  • In order to arrive crispy and warm, French fries should be served immediately after frying. If this is not possible, it is worth investing in a heated cabinet where the food could be placed without the risk of becoming cold. It’s also a good idea to pack the French fries in special envelopes, and stack them on top of a bucket of chicken, for example. This will not only keep the French fries from cooling down quickly, but also from spilling out during transport.
  • Make sure to properly adjust the burger box to the size of the bun. The correct size of the burger box will effectively protect the burger from ‘spilling out’ and the dish will arrive intact to the customer.
  • When serving a set meal, instead of packaging it into several small bags, it is worth using one box with compartments.
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Stand out from your competition 

Paper packaging does not have to be grey and boring. Holly Powder offers a wide range of paper packaging in beautiful, appetising colours. Print – especially one that works well with food – is not only an eyecatcher but also whets the appetite. In addition, such packaging can help you stand out and make the customer remember you more easily. If the person packaging the order also writes ”Enjoy your meal” or other kind words for the customer with their own handwriting, this will certainly leave a very good impression on the customer.

What matters is the quality

What matters is the quality – both of the food as well as the food containers. When serving takeaway food, you need to make sure it is well packaged. The packaging in which you package your food must be sturdy and durable. It needs to be grease-resistant so there are no unsightly stains as well. It should also come with a sturdy lid made of safe materials.

The way you package your food is the way you… let yourself be remembered

When serving food on site, you certainly make sure that it looks aesthetically pleasing and appealing. So that it is not only appetising, but also visibly pleasing. When serving takeaway food, you should also pay attention to the aesthetics. Make every effort to ensure that the dish that goes to your customers is not only delicious, but also looks great. It is your business card, your best advertisement.