Best time to visit Grand Tetons

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When visitors see the 13,755 feet tall Grand Teton rising more than 7000 feet above Jackson Hole valley, many feel it is the most beautiful and stunning place in the US. The Grand Teton National Park is just 10 miles from Yellowstone, and together they form the largest inland protected area in the United States of America. Its rich animal life, flora that is preserved from prehistoric time and mind-blowing sights of a high mountain peak, valleys, Snake River, and several lakes make this area among top tourist attractions in the whole country.

Grand Teton National Park weather

The best time of year to visit the Grand Teton range and the national park is from May to September. The weather in the summer months offers moderate to hot temperatures, and lower average precipitation. Though, July and August can bring thunderstorms so rain equipment should be part of your luggage. During the winter, the area has low temperatures and lots of snow. Most park facilities are closed, but it is famous for cross-country skiers.

Flights to Grand Teton National Park 

As soon as you start planning your visit to this majestic part of continental US if you are a foreign visitor apply for american esta. This is a document that will give you a permit to visit America, and it is for the countries in the Visa Waiver program. The application is pretty straightforward. There are some personal data and a detailed questionnaire. The whole process is online and requires a small fee. The ESTA procedure should last 72 hours but try to do it as soon as you can to make sure you have all the paperwork done before embarking on a journey. 

The closest airport is actually situated inside the Grand Teton National Park. Try to find flights for the Jackson Hole Airport. Other close airports include Yellowstone Airport, Idaho Falls Regional Airport, and Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport.

With most other airports you will need to drive between one and a half and three hours. All of them are suitable for Grand Teton and Yellowstone visit.

Where should I stay when visiting Yellowstone and Grand Tetons 

There is plenty of accommodation in both national parks. Still, depending on the time of your visit, there are also thousands of tourists flocking to see the immense beauty of these Wyoming gems. Summertime brings the highest rates, and it might be challenging to find a room. For Grand Teton, the best offers are in Jackson area with hotels like Jackson Lake Lodge, Jenny Lake Lodge inside of the park, or the Wort Hotel in Jackson Hole with a bit of historic charm. Inside of the Teton Village, you can find Snake River Lodge and Spa.

For Yellowstone visitors, there is a lot of accommodation inside the park. Canyon Lodge and Cabins, Grant Village, Lake Yellowstone Hotel and Cabins, Old Faithful Inn, Roosevelt Lodge Cabins, are just a few of them. 

Taggart Lake trail 

Grand Teton National Park has over 200 miles of hiking trails with all degrees of difficulty. If you are going on a family vacation, one of the best is Taggart Lake trail with roundtrip length of 3.3 miles. It has just over 300 feet elevation, and it is not demanding, but still very rewarding with sights like Taggart Lake, a glacial lake and exceptional picture viewpoint. On the trail, you will almost immediately get a view of the Grand Teton hoovering above the valley. Other attractions include mountain streams, meadows, and different stunning views on the Teton range that stretches for 40 miles.

If you are fit enough, you can add another five miles to the trail and go on to Bradley Lake.

The Grand Teton National Park has plenty to offer. From scenic Jenny Lake, scenic Teton Park Road to the high and mighty Grand Teton peak, or Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Centre.

Before planning the itinerary, you should do esta check couple of times a day to make sure administrators validated your permit. With ESTA approval, you can visit the US for up to 90 days, and ESTA is valid for two years. 

Bottom line

The intact nature of Grand Teton inspires nature enthusiasts for decades. Try to connect your visit to the national park with nearby Yellowstone, and enjoy in natural wonders, abundant animal life that includes moose, bears, wolves, and many other large and smaller animals. You can also learn about Native American and history of the first white pioneers that came to this unforgiving but breath-taking landscape. 

There is world-class accommodation, but also a large number of campsites all around the vastness of Wyoming top attractions. If you like mountains, glacial lakes and lush streams and rivers, Grand Teton is a place to visit.