Best exercises for burning calories and losing weight

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Every second person is thinking of losing weight nowadays. Such is the popularity and need for burning calories and losing weight. But it is not as simple as it is said. You will understand only if you ever try to lose weight. 

The time you decide to lose weight, there are suggestions from everyone, the people whom you asked for the advice as well as the people whom you not asked for advice but just told them about your plans. 

One important factor to start losing weight is your diet plan. Without modifying your diet you will not be able to kick-off your goal to get smarter. 

But the other part to lose weight is burning calories. There is a very small quantity of calories burnt through diet modification. Exercise is the most critical thing to burn calories and ultimately losing weight. 

All the diet modifications will not help you to lose weight if you don’t have a proper exercise plan along with it. Without the right exercise, you may end up wasting your time as weight loss may really never kick-off. 

Write my paper prepared a list of best exercises that are key to lose weight. With each exercise, we have mentioned the number of calories these exercises will burn. 

1. Jumping Rope: 

Calories burnt: 990

Simple yet effective exercise for losing weight. It is the same jumping rope that you, as a kid, played for fun and entertainment with your friends. Yes, it can help you lose weight. 

It can burn 990 calories in 60 minutes if you can make 120 skips in one minute using a normal rope. The results can become even better if you choose to do jumps with a weighted rope. 

2. Running up the Stairs: 

Calories burnt: 946

Using stairs is better than going through the elevator. It is quite true and you can have many health benefits by doing this. Running up and down the stairs is also an exercise that can help you lose weight in a quick time. 

Run up on the stairs and then down, repeat this for one hour and you can burn almost 946 calories. Become tired and unable to do it fast, just don’t run, you can adopt to 30 seconds of hurry and a normal walk for 30 seconds. This will bring the same results as well. 

If you are lucky and living on hills, rather than using stairs, just sprint uphill. This will not only beneficial for losing weight but will bring additional benefits of being close to nature. 

3. Kickboxing: 

Calories burnt: 864

Burning 864 calories in one hour is not bad for losing weight quickly. With kickboxing, you can do this. It is a cardio exercise that is derived from martial arts and great for losing weight.  

Kickboxing consists of kicks and knee strikes along with choreographed movements of punches. So if you have never tried kickboxing before, don’t do it without any instructor. A good trainer will guide you better to get through paces and maximize its benefits. 

Kickboxing also helps in muscle building. It boosts the flexibility and improves the balance and coordination between muscles. 

4. Cycling: 

Calories burnt: 841

A regular exercise that helps you to build leg muscles. Cycling in uphills if possible is the best thing to do. It helps in burning more calories and builds strength as well. If you are in plains, always try to use your cycles instead of a car. This will make you burn your calories and enjoy nature at the same time. 

We recommend stationary cycling only in crowded towns and cities. The results of this will be the same with no additional value of nature or more burnt calories in the case of the plain area and hilly area respectively. 

You can burn 841 calories in one hour. A bit of mixing low and high-intensity cycling can help you to burn calories long after the exercise as well.