BBQ Grills – How to Choose One?

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Are you fond of grilled food? If so, having a barbeque is indispensable for cooking smoky steaks, tasty seafood, or grilled veggies. 

Shopping for a BBQ can be overwhelming because of the variety of grills, sizes, and features. Numerous specialty retailers are offering a large selection of BBQ grills, accommodating different cooking styles. 

The following shopping tips will assist you in selecting the best BBQ model. 

Consider the type

The first step towards selecting the best grill is factoring in the type of fuel. Your choice of fuel would be largely influenced by the style of cooking you practice, as well as the convenience you’ll enjoy when using the barbeque. Buyers can choose from a variety of models, such as gas, charcoal, electric, and wood pellet grills. 

For instance, models running on gas are available in two types, using either propane or natural gas. The former requires individuals to regularly refill the tanks, but it provides excellent portability. In contrast, the latter is connected to the household gas line, hence requiring no refilling. Nevertheless, these cooking devices cannot be moved around. 

Stainless steel Gas BBQ is convenient to use, heat up rather quickly and provides excellent temperature control. It not only retains its strength and shock resistance at high temperatures but is also very hygienic due to its smooth and minimally porous surface. This allows for simple, easy cleaning. The heat from stainless steel burners can be easily controlled to cater to what you’re cooking on the barbecue. People looking for smokiness when cooking grilled meat.

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Moreover, charcoal models use either briquettes or charcoal pieces, which are responsible for providing the smoky taste of food. While charcoal lumps require less time to heat up, briquettes take much longer, hence best used for roasting. Even though charcoal BBQs are slower in heating up, the temperature they reach is much higher when compared to gas and electric models. 

In addition, these barbeques are portable and straightforward to use. Temperature control, however, isn’t precisely accurate due to the absence of temperature control knobs. Charcoal models are more demanding as far as cleaning is concerned, requiring users to clean the BBQ after each use. Also, the ash has to be disposed of every time you use the barbeque. 

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Electric grills have become amazingly famous because of the convenience of using them all year round. These models are ideal for residents of urban areas, where other types of barbeques are prohibited from being used on balconies. Since electric BBQs produce no fumes, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Hence, you can invite your friends over on grilled meat in the middle of winter. 

Additionally, electric models are generally smaller in comparison to the other variants, available in a small or large size. The small surface, however, allows users to prepare food solely for two people. Also, the meat or vegetables cooked on an electric grill lack the classic smoky flavor provided by charcoal. Check out the meat cooking chart on this link,, when indoor grilling. 

Wood pellet grills have made a revolution in the world of grilling. These models use pellets to heat up, which provide the food with the sought-after smoky flavor. Unlike charcoal grills, wood pellet BBQs come with a computer for temperature control, hence suitable for both fast and slow cooking. You can even adjust the temperature from your mobile through an app. 

On the negative side, wood-pellet barbeques are the priciest variants in the market. Also, there is supposed to be an electric outlet nearby in order to use them. 

Pick the correct size

Size is another vital consideration when shopping for a BBQ. Naturally, the size of your cooking device should be determined by the number of people you plan to cook for. If planning to use the grill occasionally and prepare food for no more than four people, either a small or medium model would do the trick. Nevertheless, in case you plan to organize neighborhood or family barbeques for large groups of people, a large model with at least four burners would be the best choice. 


There’s nothing tastier than the flavor of grilled meat. 

Say hello to the barbeque season with a brand new grill!