Aroma Italian Seasoning… Old World Feel, New World Flavor

Introducing Ciao Pittsburgh’s very own premium Italian Seasoning, Aroma.

WARNING—May cause cooking dreams! Be sure to check out our recipe page!

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Aroma’s Fresh, High Quality Ingredients

Bread Dipped in Italian Seasoning Aroma is comprised of high quality, premium ingredients and comes in both a salt and salt free version. It consists of garlic, bell pepper, tomato, salt, herbs and spices.

Part of the greatness is the mixture, but the other part is the high quality and freshness of the ingredients. It tastes like you went into your garden and cut fresh veggies, herbs, and spices and cooked with them. You can purchase our regular Aroma seasoning or our spicy version, Aroma Piccante.

Give it a try—I promise you won’t be disappointed!

This Italian seasoning is great on pasta, salads, eggs, pizza, dipping oil, veggies, chicken, fish, pork, beef or anything you want to give an exceptional flavor to.

20130719_175629I came up with the name Aroma after kicking around a few names. But once I finally blended the seasoning together, the aroma that wafted from the mixing bowl convinced me that Aroma was the right name. Before, during and after cooking, your house will smell like no other!

The smell of Aroma alone will make you run to the kitchen because you can’t wait to start cooking just so you can add this to your food.

I am very proud of this product and in my opinion, it’s yet another product from Ciao Pittsburgh that is exceptionally made. In fact, this product has done so well, we’ve sold it across the country. Check out the map below to see where we’ve sold Aroma!

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Satisfied Customers

Seafood with Italian Seasoning“After trying Aroma, my taste-buds fell in LOVE. Good bye spice rack and hello Aroma!” —Leslie  Moore

“What a fantastic blend of herbs and spices! There’s so much flavor and it gives all of our food a unique and amazing taste. I highly recommend this Italian seasoning over any in the marketplace today including name brands. Jack, you’ve truly outdone yourself this time.”—Daniel Casciato

“I wanted to thank you for the fantastic blend of spices in the new Aroma spices you have.  It is just perfect and I have already used it on steak, chicken and burgers!  Just the right amount of flavoring to make it really delicious.  I also used on homemade pizza bread and it gave it a real authentic Italian taste.  Thank you so much!  Bon Appetit!”—Linda Miller

“I tried Aroma on homemade pizza and grilled chicken.  The flavor is very unique and tasteful.  The ability it has to accent many different foods makes it a product that I will definitely buy again.  It is a must-have addition to any spice rack!”—Jeremy Cernaloger

“Before I tried the new Italian seasoning, Aroma, I thought it was going to taste the same as all the other Italian seasonings I’ve used before. Was I ever wrong! It has such a unique flavor that I’ve been shaking it on just about everything. I recommend you give it a try. I think you’ll love it too.”—Donna Travis

“My new favorite addition when cooking is Aroma—once you try it, you are hooked! When cooking just about anything and I reach into my spice cabinet, I find I am just grabbing the one bottle and away I go. How simple to add Aroma instead of an assortment of single spices. I’ve used it on grilled meats (hamburgers, steaks and chicken) and pasta dishes. But my new favorite is roasted veggies – put the veggies on a baking sheet with olive oil, sprinkle it over them and bake. Delicious!!”—Phyllis Cupp

“I got my Aroma today and used it on a salad.  It was wonderful.” —MaryAnn Dighton

“Thank you very much! I’m gonna make Donatelli’s Hot Sausage with the spices I won from you guys!”—Robert Scheible (June 2013 contest winner)

“I have been using my Aroma spice blend on tons of dishes…Chicken Parm, Pasta Primavera, Meatballs, etc. It is a great spice combination that adds a lot of flavor!—Dana Vargo

“One of my favorite recipes is an old Pampered Chef recipe you can’t find on their website anymore—although, you can still find it in Pampered Chef cookbooks. (I basically double the recipe except for the crescent rolls.) It’s is exactly what I made this weekend when I tried the Aroma seasoning for the first time and I swear it was the best I’ve ever made! It really does enhance the flavor and I have to believe it would for any recipe that calls for Italian seasoning like this does. Pampered Chef used to sell their own Italian Seasoning (don’t know if they still do) but I LOVED the Aroma. You’ve outdone yourself on putting that together. Really nailed it. I will not use any other Italian Seasoning now that I’ve tried Aroma. Thanks!”—Dana Buttry

“This has tomato, bell peppers, salt, and other herbs and spices so you don’t need to get anything else. This is very good and straight from Pittsburgh… from my guy, my seasoning guy from Pittsburgh, Jack.”—G Fella, Italian-American rapper and star of FUSE-TV’s reality show, G Thing.

“Good stuff. It doesn’t overpower food—it enhances it.”—Jeff Acquafondata

“So yummy. Thanks!!”—Julie Petersen

“LOVE the seasonings. I have used it on chicken, pasta and even salads. Thank you so much for an awesome kick to my food prep and meals!”—Dena Marie Rakarich

“This is the new spice creation of a very good friend of mine, Jack DeLeonibus. He has quite a sophisticated taste when it comes to Italian cuisine. I tried it and can endorse with two thumbs up!” —Brian Jacobson

“I was putting up a curtain on a window in my new apartment and I kept smelling something that smelled Italian and amazing cooking somewhere.  It smelled so good I actually leaned my head out to see where the smell was coming from because I wanted to meet this cook.  Turned out, it was where the exhaust fan from my kitchen comes out.  The cook was me.  I was making some chicken soup.  All it had in it was chicken, spinach water, salt and some of your Aroma seasoning.  So basic and yet, it smelled great and tasted even better. So, who knows, maybe someone will smell your cooking and want to meet you!”—Fran Tunno, (  and

“I have no idea how I ever did without your seasonings before discovering Ciao Pittsburgh.  Just a thank you for making my cooking even better!”—Bob Tick

“I love Pittsburgh and visit a few times a year and bought this spice somewhere in Pittsburgh and loved it. I Googled it and was glad to find it online. It’s a great spice!” Tanya Scala Dayton

“My Aroma arrived and I use it on everything—tomato salad, chicken, fish and a dash in most everything else! LOVE IT.  Keep the Aroma going. It is fantastic.”—Mary Benedetti

“Your Aroma is the BEST. I had my sister over a few days ago and used it on mozzarella and tomatoes and she loved it. I will be ordering more, you have great products. Thank you!” —Elaine Weitzel 

“I have been using ‘Aroma’ since I received my order. Started with my “gravy,” and now using it on everything including breakfast eggs ?. Thanks for your great products. You’ll be hearing from me again.” Geri Lacovara-Birman

“I have family that lives in the PGH area. I picked some up during a recent visit and I was hooked!”Lindsey

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Our shipping rates are as follows: 1 bottle ($3.75); 2-7 bottles ($6.80); 8 bottles ($11.05); 9-12 bottles ($14.55). Please note that these are the exact prices that the post office charges—there are no added fees.

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For orders outside the continental U.S., please email