Adventure Awaits: Must-Know Tips for Surviving Van Life

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Life on the road isn’t always easy, but it is an incredible experience that allows you to live like a minimalist. And without a house to worry about or the standard office job, you can explore the country and experience the culture of various states. Check out our must-know tips for surviving van life to make life on the road even easier.   

Evaluate Van Options

Your van will be your new home, so you’ll need to consider which size van will be the most comfortable and evaluate your options (cargo vans, camper conversion vans, box vans, etc.). You’ll also need to determine your budget and whether you want to buy a new van or something used. However, if you decide to buy a used van, go to a reputable seller, such as a dealership, so they can help you in case there’s an issue with the vehicle or the way it drives.

Pro Tip

If living in a van sound too cramped, consider upgrading to an RV or camper. This way, you’ll have the amenities you need and more. 

Have Ways To Stay Connected

With this lifestyle, the plan isn’t to go off-grid and become unreachable to friends and family. Life on the road can be dangerous, so you’ll need a way for people to reach you and vice versa. Many individuals solve this by purchasing the appropriate data package for their phones.

You can access the internet and send texts or make calls with cellular data. However, you’ll also need other essentials, such as a signal booster. Cellular signal boosters strengthen the connection between your phone and the nearest tower, which will come in handy if you drive through the countryside or are otherwise far from the nearest network tower.

Go for a Test Drive

Another key tip for surviving van life is ensuring this is the lifestyle for you. Van life may sound great to some until they put things into action. To give this way of life a test spin, you can rent a camper van and go on a few extended road trips. While traveling, you should make camp at each location. This way, you can test how you’ll feel about the lifestyle change before jumping right into things.

Let Things Go

This tip is both literal and figurative. First, you’ll have to declutter your house and remove furniture, excess clothing, and more. If you’ve decided this will be your permeant way of life rather than an extended vacation, you’ll have to give up your current residence as well. Now is the time to begin life as a minimalist, so only keep multifunctional items and clothing that will come in handy.

You’ll also need to let go of your worries and doubts. Living on the road is an amazing experience, and you’ll see unbelievable sites. It’s hard to enjoy all that when you fret about your decision. Now’s the time to get out and explore our beautiful world!