8 Top Destinations To Travel After a Divorce

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Dissolution of marriage is one of the toughest events people have to deal with in their lives. By the level of stress, it can only be compared to the physical loss of the loved one: many soon-to-be divorcees experience anger, grief, refusal to accept that their marriage is gone, and a mixed emotional state that doesn’t allow them to get back to life quickly. To help you get rid of those thoughts and feelings, we’ve prepared this list of the best places to start over after divorce. Feel free to travel there to bring the taste of life back to yourself. 

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Have you heard anything about those crazy parties in Vegas and that “what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas”? We bet you did. So many movies were shot about the people’s adventures in this vibrant never-sleeping city that it must sound too modest to say that you’ll have a good time there after a divorce. It’s also a great place to visit if you’re breaking up during the holidays: at this time, Las Vegas has even more attractions to offer. Casinos, bars, nightclubs, and constant concerts of top stars like Beyonce, Tyga, and The Weeknd will definitely distract you from the downs of your personal life. After all, maybe, you’ll even get a few one-night stands here to have fun? 

Rome, Italy

If you are less into party weekends, we suggest that you go to Rome for a week or so. Traveling to Europe itself is a great journey as it offers a completely different experience from that of the US, and taking a trip to Rome will change your mind for sure. The land of magnificent historical heritage and art, Italy offers museums, galleries, vintage markets, and fancy clothes boutiques for you to check out. Besides this, Italian cuisine will make you feel more energized to take a ride to a rural winery somewhere in the middle of Toscana. 

London, Great Britain

Another European spot that you’ll definitely remember is London. The capital of Great Britain, this foggy city is quite lovely in summer. Even if you’re not too encouraged to go to the beach divorce weekdays will make you dream about warm hours at the Thames banks. Here, you can grab a glass of beer with fish and chips and watch ships drifting from side to side. After that, head to Downing Street, 10 to see the famous residence of the Prime Minister. Don’t forget to take a look at the Circus and Big Ben while in London, and remember: despite the cultural differences between Brits and Americans, both nations have a lot to learn from each other. 

Tokyo, Japan

Does the divorce seem to be too complicated and awful to deal with? In this case, consider surprising yourself with the different culture and language by going to Japan. One of its biggest cities and also its capital, Tokyo, will leave you speechless: its vibe, the speed of life, and modern architecture reflect in your mind for the rest of your life, and you’d wish you could come back there once again. Whatever type of rest you prefer, calm or loud, you’ll find it in Tokyo. You can attend origami classes, visit museums, and walk to the city memorials and architectural sights, as well as visit districts of different diasporas to meet people and taste local food. It is up to you to decide how to spend the time in Tokyo, just be sure you have enough days for everything it has to offer. 

Bogotá, Colombia

The fifth option you can travel to is Bogota, the capital city of Colombia. You can start your trip right from the La Candelaria district, the oldest central part of the city. Bogota is a quite diverse spot on the map of Latin America: from nightclubs and bars to museums and gardens, it’s full of attractions for every tourist who comes here. If you’re in the mood to find a new partner to get over your divorce, feel free to visit the most popular dance floors and have a good time partying. Otherwise, you can check out Museo del Oro (The Gold Museum), have a walk to the Bolivar Square, and drink coffee in the nearby cafe. Shopping in Bogota is also great: cheap prices along with a fine selection of local goods will surprise you. 

Barcelona, Spain

If you want to get the best out of beach pastime in Europe, take a flight to Barcelona. The city full of sun, sand, and tanned people from all around the world wouldn’t leave you bored: here, you can have a great time hanging out at the beach bar drinking sangria and eating paella, and then swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Since Spain is the home to major mass-market brands, you can shop Zara, Oysho, and other Inditex-produced clothes at just a few dollars per piece. 

Bern, Switzerland

Are you in love with good old Europe and want to experience traveling across its safest country? Feel free to come to Switzerland and stay in its tiny and cozy capital city of Bern. Starting your trip from the Old Town may seem a bit trivial, yet it will have you stunned by the beauty of the local streets and medieval buildings. Then, you can come to Kunstmuseum to see some of the greatest pieces of world art like those of Picasso, Kandinsky, and Klee. Don’t forget to see what Einstein Museum and Historical Museum have to offer: both are unique and have no similar exhibitions in the world. 

Dubai, UAE

The last but not least place to visit once your low cost divorce PA is filed in Dubai. One of the richest and fanciest metropolises of the world, it is home to people from all walks of life. It combines the modesty of the Arab world with the modern pace of life well-known to every Western individual. Therefore, you won’t feel as if you were an alien here: locals speak great English and are friendly to tourists from any side of the world. Hurry up to travel here and have a walk across Dubai Marina!