8 Simple But Awesome Event Giveaways

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There has been a trend towards expensive and fancy event giveaways in recent years. You’re about as likely to receive a Bluetooth headset as you are a business card at some events. However, you don’t always have to go the expensive route for your giveaways. Here are some simple but memorable event gifts and giveaways that won’t break the bank:

1.) Wristbands

Since they exploded in popularity in the 2000s, silicone wristbands have been a favorite gift and giveaway for all occasions. While not necessarily appropriate for corporate events, wristbands are an especially beloved giveaway in the context of nonprofits and events with a cause. If you need reversible wristbands or something that shows two colors, there are printed dual-layer wristbands as well.

2.) Enamel pins

Hard enamel pins with commemorative themes are a versatile promotional tool that could even be used in formal contexts. Not everyone can wear a logo shirt or has a use for one. Pins, on the other hand, can be worn with a suit or a cocktail dress if needed. They can even be “dressed” down and won’t look out of place on jean jackets, canvas bags, and other everyday streetwear items.

3.) Lanyards

Many people dismiss lanyards as a promotional tool — likely because they bought the cheapest ones. People generally have way too many lanyards that could only hold up an ID and do nothing else. To make lanyards something that people want, they need to be made from high-quality materials and have features they will find useful. Mobile device holders, keyrings, pull-reels for access cards, and ID badge protectors are all great things to have that a lot of lanyard-haters don’t consider. The fact is, if you have quality lanyards as giveaways, people at the event will want them.

4.) Tote bags

With single-use paper and plastic bags being phased out from daily use all over the world, the humble tote bag is now in the midst of what seems to be its renaissance. Chances are everyone at your event will want a tote bag for their groceries or for holding their gym clothes. 

Totes are especially useful in conventions where event attendees have to bring home a lot of swag. A tote bag with your brand not only helps them hold onto all the brochures and freebies they get from other attendees, but they also help project your brand to the ones you need to reach.

5.) Pens

While we generally don’t write with pen and paper as much as we used to, pens are still one of those things that we always need to have within arm’s length. Give someone a pen these days and they might leave them on your desk, constantly exposing them to your brand for months, if not years.

6.) Ground coffee or tea bags

With more and more people starting to appreciate great coffee and tea, a small pack of high-quality grounds or tea leaves may be the most welcome event giveaway attendees receive. Include offbeat types with unique origins for a more unforgettable giveaway.

7.) Digital downloads and coupons

Giveaways don’t necessarily have to be physical objects. Given that everyone owns a computer or has a smartphone on them most of the time, you should consider digital freebies and coupons as well.

8.) Items from your community

Local products, especially those made by you or an organization you believe in, can leave an especially powerful impression on event attendees. The key is to make sure that the items are meaningful, useful, or hard to get elsewhere. Even something as simple as heirloom vegetables sourced from a local farm can leave guests delighted and have them pondering your event just a bit more.

These aren’t the only simple but effective event giveaways out there. So long as you consider the specific needs of your attendees, there’s no reason you have to go all out on your giveaways. As with any gift, the best ones are where the giver considered your needs, rather than simply going with whichever option cost the least money.

What other event giveaways can you suggest?