8 Not-to-miss Best Holiday Destination in Asia


Asia is a continent consisting of 48 countries, hundreds and thousands of islands, cultures, and quirky natural wonders. Deciding some places to go on a trip from 48 countries is a bit difficult, don’t you think so? No worries we are here to help you. How? We have shortlisted eight Best Holiday Destinations In Asia to go on a trip. Add these destinations in your check-list.


Thailand is the land of beaches and can be crowded too. But the best place to visit in Thailand is Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is an old city, the orange-robed monks wandering with happy smiles. It is a place to have peace of mind and enjoy the serenity of nature. Other than beautiful temples and cultural festivals Chiang Mai has also very happening night markets to shop from. And an adventurer lover can do trekking too. Chiang Mai has its own beauty but the Islands of Thailand are not something to forget about. Thailand got the best of islands around the world. The two most developed Islands are Phuket and Koh Samui.


Penang in Malaysia is known as the “Pearl of Orient”. And it is the Best Holiday Destination In Asia that you should definitely not miss. Penang is the best place to relax your mind, eat delicious food and enjoy the nightlife. The increase in immigration from China and India resulted in the availability best delicious food. Other than this you can go to museums, art galleries, and many more.


Singapore is infamous for being expensive but it’s worth it. Singapore is a mixture of modern and greenery where you can shop, eat, party and what not. Singapore isn’t just a city with buildings. It has connected trail roads for bikers and walkers that show the scenic view of the gardens. You can find some new places every time you visit there. Other than all these, the city has a pleasant atmosphere to take a stroll and you will find many lively Indians and Chinese cultures, and speak fluent English. You can find hidden treasures of eateries offering yummy cuisine.


Siem Reap is the most visited place by tourists in Cambodia. It is a gateway to the UNESCO’s world heritage site, Angkor Wat that is almost 900 years old. Angkor Wat temples have been a location for movies set. This place takes out the inner archeologist from the millions of people visiting here. Other than Angkor Wat temples Siem Reap itself is a tourist destination.


Beijing is a quite crowded place in China. But sometimes crowded places or busy streets can give you real-life experiences. And Beijing is the heart of China and the Great Wall of China is also located in Beijing.


Whenever you here hear Indonesia, the first place that comes to mind is Bali. and Bali is one of the best holiday destinations in Asia. The beaches and volcanic landscapes make it look beautiful. Bali is always an option for couples planning a honeymoon. If you want to have a hangover go to Ubud, it is also good for shopping.


Tokyo is the city that has the world’s largest metropolitan economy. It is a city that has skyscrapers as well as peace giving temples. This city offers you every experience of traveling from sight-seeing to shopping to trying delicacies.


India can be called as a historic city. Almost every state of this country has its own history and historical sites to explain. But its state Rajasthan is known as the capital of historical sites. It has rich historical stories of romance, camels, huge forts, etc. Don’t forget to try its traditional cuisines they are delicious.

These were the holiday destinations in Asia that you should visit once in a lifetime. For more such ideas, visit Travelila.