7 Unique Philadelphia Gift Ideas

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While some people say, “It’s the thought that counts” as they receive a card and a pair of socks for the millionth time, we believe a gift must be personal, creative, epic, but, when possible, not cost an arm and a leg.

Now, if the recipient of said gift lives in Philadelphia or simply just loves the city, you are in luck, dear gift giver. Because Philly has a lot to offer in the gift department! 

Here are the best Philadelphia gift ideas to commemorate that person’s love for virtue, liberty, and independence.

7 Unique Philadelphia Gift Ideas

1. Local Artisan Crafts

If the gift recipient has a bit of an artsy streak, Philly has the best art! The best part is that this art can range from jewelry to art pieces, pottery, and so much more.

And what is even better than getting the art lover a piece of art?  Getting them involved in making their own! 

The possibilities are endless, like taking a pottery class or visiting a jewelry market. This immersive experience will certainly be one you will remember and most likely create a core memory.

2. Philly-Style Food Baskets

Know someone who loves to eat? Why not give them a taste of Philadelphia’s most iconic foods with a gourmet gift basket? Start with the legendary Philly cheesesteak ingredients, paired with authentic Amoroso rolls—add a soft pretzel or a hoagie for a true local snack.

For a sweet touch, include Tastykakes and a jar of Peanut Chews for nostalgic treats. Finish with Italian pastries like cannoli and stromboli. Tailor your basket to the recipient, and presto! You have a gift that will make their day special.

3. Philadelphia Experience Gifts

So how about a gift of an activity to remember? Say a tour of the city with a twist (the historic ghost tours of Philadelphia?) Kimmel Center tickets to a show. Or a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

4. Personalized Philly-Themed Gifts

Personalized gifts are always a hit, and plenty of unique Philly-themed options are available. 

A custom gift like a Philadelphia skyline print with the person’s name or a personalized cheesesteak cutting board is thoughtful and practical. These gifts represent the city, while the personalization adds a special detail.

5. Sports Fan Gear

Did you know that Philadelphia is one of only six cities to have at least one championship in the NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA, one as recently as 2017? The Philadelphia fans are one of the most dedicated sports fan clubs ever.

And whether they root for the Eagles, Phillies, 76ers, or Flyers, there’s no shortage of team merch. A customized jersey, a signed collectible, or game tickets make great Philly gifts. They are a great way to put a smile on any Philly sports enthusiast’s face.

6. Spa and Relaxation Packages

Who could refuse a day of rejuvenation? Whatever your loved one’s preferences may be, we are certain a spa day will fit right into those preferences. 

A day at the spa is the ideal gift for someone who needs a break from their routine or, quite frankly, someone who just loves to be pampered. You can never go wrong with a spa day/weekend gift card.

Luxury spa facilities come in different forms and varieties. Philadelphia is home to various luxury spas and top-notch hotels! Your “giftee” can de-stress here in peace. Spas like the Rittenhouse Spa & Club and the Four Seasons Spa offer gift certificates for massages, facials, and more. You can either make a day out of it or pair it up with a full lineup of pampering treatments.

7. Educational and Cultural Subscriptions

Those who love to explore and learn will appreciate a gift subscription to a Philadelphia educational or cultural center. 

A Franklin Institute membership or a Philadelphia Zoo membership gifts recipients with a year of exciting exhibits and special events.

There are so many fun, creative, and special Philly gift ideas to choose from, including a range of options for anyone’s interests and tastes. 

Rid your gift-giving woes with any of the above—from local artisans and gourmet food gift baskets to personalized presents and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, there is something special for everyone. With gifts this good, they really are the ultimate gift for anyone who loves or is from Philadelphia.

Whether the recipient is a native or a tourist, this is a gift anyone can enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? This is your sign to give your loved ones some Philadelphia experiences and goodies that are bound to impress and warm their hearts.