6 Ways To Heal Your Body From Summer Damage

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While summer comes with long-awaited warmth, it also brings with it several inconvenient, unsightly effects on your skin and hair. You may notice your skin beginning to lose its usual luster or developing a fair few freckles. Worse still, you may have to endure a glaring outbreak of acne. 

Your hair strands may also begin breaking off in a manner that frustrates your attempts to style it for that evening out. The heat and saltwater at the beach can leave your hair looking dry and lifeless. The effects of summer on your body can go beyond the visible; excessive exposure to sunshine has been known to trigger skin cancer.  

The good news is that there are steps you can take to mitigate summer’s unwelcome effects on your body. These measures help prepare your body for the change in climate and protect it from the vagaries of the summer sun. There are also ways to heal your body from those effects.

How To Recognize Sun Damage

You don’t need to watch helplessly as the summer plays havoc on your body; there are signs you can look out for so that you can fight back.

1. Skin Feels and Looks Older to the Touch

As summer wears on, you may notice that your skin looks dull and has a leathery texture. You might also realize you have a few more wrinkles than usual on your face, which unnecessarily age you. This is actually a defense mechanism of your body protecting itself against the sun’s UV rays. As the sun gets hotter, your skin produces more dead cells to shield itself from the harmful rays.

2. Skin Tone Changes

When your skin adds layers of dead cells, your skin tone will become unattractively dull. For the lucky ones, exposure to the sun will result in beautifully bronzed skin and nothing more. 

3. Age Spots

Exposure to the sun and the humid, salty sea breeze may lead to the formation of discolored patches on your skin. These age spots, or liver spots, usually appear on the arms and legs and other areas of the skin that are exposed. They are the result of UV rays accelerating the production of melanin. The spots are areas on your skin where the pigment cells responsible for melanin production are most concentrated.

4. Freckles

Freckles also appear on areas of the skin most exposed to the elements, not just your face. They are caused by the same phenomenon that causes age spots. The fact that some consider freckles attractive may be scant consolation to you if you struggle with their overproduction during summer.

5. Redness in the Face

There are numerous causes of that uncomfortable, and sometimes painful, redness of the skin on your face. It could be that you suffer from chronic skin conditions like rosacea, acne, or eczema. If you suffer from any of these, your chances of experiencing that rawness on your face become immensely higher when you’re exposed to excessive sunlight.

6. Blotchy Skin

The appearance of those blotchy red or pink areas on your face or arms is another sign that you could be suffering from an underlying skin condition. Chronic sufferers of rosacea will experience blotchy skin from time to time. But the excessive sweat and heat released by your body during summer can also trigger rashes and blotchy skin.

Healing Your Body From Sun Damage 

The extent to which you’re prone to summer damage will depend on your skin type. It will be to your benefit to find out your skin type on your next visit to your dermatologist; pale skin or fair skin. Find out whether your skin type puts you at a greater risk of suffering skin damage.

Luckily enough, there are several strategies you can employ to repair your skin after suffering sun damage. While those nasty symptoms may only appear during the warm season, they can have a lasting effect on your body if you don’t address them in good time. Here are some of those strategies:

  • Make sunscreen your friend– Arm yourself with a tube of sunscreen whenever you leave the house. Ensure you get the right SPF for your type of skin.
  • Cover up– Look for comfortable summer gear that will keep you well protected from the sun. This includes eyewear to keep those wrinkles away from the skin around your eyes. A pair of versatile Costa Del Mar glasses will keep you looking stylish as you keep sun damage at bay.
  • Stay hydrated– Loss of water through sweat as your body tries to dissipate excess heat is one of the reasons your skin and hair become particularly vulnerable during summer. 

Prevention Is the Best Cure

Proactively taking steps to keep the adverse effects of summer damage will ensure you enjoy summer rather than endure it. Before summer sets in, a trip to your dermatologist will help you understand the risks you face and take the proper measures to mitigate them. That one doctor visit can save you symptoms aplenty and a fortune in future medical expenses.