6 Simple Ways to Honor Veterans

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November is a month of appreciation and gratitude, but it’s not just Thanksgiving that you should focus on giving back. Veterans Day is an important day to show appreciation to the members of our military. If you need some appropriate and simple ways to honor veterans this month, take a look at our suggestions. Start the month of giving off on the right foot!

Donate to a Cause

When you compile all your things to donate this month, donate to a cause that supports and helps veterans. Whether it’s a monetary donation or a clothing donation to support Purple Heart, this is one of the simplest ways to honor veterans. Don’t just show your support in November—try to give something once a month!

Show Up to Celebrations

If your town has a parade or some other Veterans Day event, show up for it! When first created, veterans received overwhelming praise and gifts, and as time went on, that shifted. Cheer them on in that same way this year. Support and show up for these events—it means more than you know!

Say Thank You

Another simple way to celebrate veterans on this day is to say thank you. If you see a veteran at the store, around town, or at work, make sure to thank them for their service to this country. Even if your schedule is hectic and you don’t have time for an in-person visit, a veteran you know would surely appreciate a text or call. 

Send a Care Package

To get the whole family involved, and to give something a bit more personal, put together a care package. If you know the individual personally, make sure to put items in there that they’ll truly enjoy. If you don’t know any veterans, you can drop off care packages at your closest military installation.

Treat a Vet 

This is one of our favorite ways to honor veterans; it’s simple yet incredibly meaningful. Invite a veteran—whether it’s someone you know or someone you see every now and then—to lunch, dinner, or a cup of coffee. Prepare a few questions about their time in the military and watch them open up. You’ll give them the opportunity to share their experiences, and you can learn about everything it takes to do what they do.

Commit to Volunteering

Volunteering isn’t something you should do just once a year. This year, challenge yourself to volunteer for a cause each month. Maybe it’s at your local soup kitchen or at the VA hospital, but either way, commit to showing up. You’ll feel fulfilled, and you’ll create relationships with people that help them know you appreciate them.