6 Best Presents for Thanksgiving

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Isn’t it funny how little we give on a holiday called Thanksgiving? Instead of a simple “thanks,” we should muster up the cash to buy a small gift for our family members if nothing else. In fact, there are many customized gift ideas like custom wall clock, notebooks, Tshirt, mugs, that will put a smile on the face of the loved one you giving the present to. In fact, there are at least 6 present ideas that won’t set you back a lot but will still put a smile on the face of the loved one you giving the present to.

A pumpkin pie dish

Although Halloween had already passed, pumpkin pies are still fashionable in November. A homemade pumpkin pie is the ideal Thanksgiving present but you should go a step further. Why not track down (online shopping makes our lives so much easier, doesn’t it) a customized pumpkin pie baker dish! Yes, if the dish matches the shape and size of your pie, then the person receiving the present will be in for instant deliciousness and they’ll be left with an impressive addition to their china set.

A wooden wine gift box

Whether you like drinking Merlot or Shiraz, wine is probably something that few people would refuse as a gift. Furthermore, a bottle of wine is the perfect gift for Thanksgiving but you can always add an extra twist to it. Namely, instead of going for one of those tacky paper wine bags, you can get a wooden wine gift box to put the bottle funny. Not only do they look appealing but you can even get a custom inscription carved into them.

A piece of jewelry

If there is one gift that you might think as overpriced as a Thanksgiving present, then that’s jewelry. However, a bracelet, a necklace or a pair of earrings doesn’t have to cost much if you know where and when to shop for them. Considering the fact that the holiday season is well underway, jewelers like Moon Magic already have early Black Sales that you can use to get a good deal from. In fact, why not indulge in some early Christmas shopping as well.

A customized cutting board

Like the wooden wine box, there are other presents that can undergo customization. One of them is the cutting board that actually doubles as a kitchen display piece when not used. Homeowners like to hang it from the wall to serves as an ornament with a message. This is where you come in with preordered lines that will end up in the board that then gets impregnated. Such a personalized gift will serve as a constant reminder of the relationship you have with the person you are gifting the cutting board.

A floral monogram ornament

Speaking of ornaments, they usually hang from the wall but a Christmas tree is also an acceptable peg. Namely, the present you are searching for is intended for Thanksgiving but if it can be used throughout the holiday season. If you buy a floral monogram, it can be displayed even in summer, decorated with blossoms of all colors!

Holiday-themed coaster

Like we’ve said in the introduction, a Thanksgiving present needn’t cost a fortune. For instance, a nice set of holiday-themed coasters shouldn’t cost too much at the local home center. Like the floral monogram, the coasters can be used in the upcoming months to serve tea and coffee in Xmas style. In fact, if your loved ones long for the holiday season, then they can serve a Mai Tai cocktail on them in the middle of summer as a mental replacement for ice.

This fall, you have the chance to turn the tide around and start giving present more than ever. Just because Christmas and New Year are coming, don’t mean that your loved ones should receive something at the end of November as well. Remember, a personalized present, whether it’s an engraved cutting board or a bracelet with an inscription, is the best present for Thanksgiving.