5 Ways to Get Your Home Cleaner, Faster

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Household cleaning is that one part of your day that you never look forward to. There’s always too much to clean, and the whole process takes so much of your time and effort that you no longer have time to do the things you love! Cleaning takes away time for your hobbies, social life, and family life, and yet it is the most important routine in your housekeeping. 

Without proper cleaning, your house would be in shambles in no time – and you know it! This is why cleaning can be such a chore for the average person, as you would most likely take time from your busy schedule to take care of all the chores around the house: fixing the bed, mopping the floors, doing the laundry, vacuuming the carpets, and wiping down every surface of your home! Not to mention, cleaning the bathrooms isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

Here are 5 ways you can get your home cleaner in much less time than usual. Check out our tips below for optimized cleaning routines, and you’ll never grimace at the thought of having to upkeep your home again! Plus, your house will be kept spotless, pristine, and germ-free.

Part-time Maid Cleaning Services

Part-time, professional cleaning services (https://www.lucehome.sg/services/part-time-maid) offer housekeeping at affordable rates, and these services lessen the chores around the house. A cleaner would arrive at your home ready to do the cleaning: vacuuming, wiping down of surfaces, and even the dreaded toilet cleaning! 

While they are professional cleaners, part-time maids offer their services at a cost-effective rate, yet provide top-notch cleaning throughout your home for only a few hours per session. You still get your treasured privacy, while you keep the house clean at minimal effort from you. Part-time maids may not get the deep cleaning done, but they certainly help minimize the chores you need to do! 

Spend more time with your family or doing your hobbies as the part-time cleaner works to make your home spotless. They are trained on cleaning different types of furniture and materials, so you can rest assured they will be able to clean your marble countertops without damaging the natural stone! Trust in Luce Home part-time maids for all your cleaning needs.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

A smart vacuum cleaner, also known as a robot vacuum cleaner, is an advanced piece of cleaning equipment that will automate your vacuuming. Spend much less time cleaning your floors as you set the timer on your smart vacuum cleaner to clean the floors while you’re out. The small gadget easily gets underneath furniture, and follows a path to clean.

They are small, durable, lightweight, yet powerful. Let the smart vacuum work for you while you’re out at work, and come home to clean floors and carpets! Some models even recharge themselves so you can schedule a daily vacuuming session with ease. No more lugging around those heavy vacuum cleaners, or losing battery on those cordless ones! 

DIY Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions make household chores easier as you can soak it and forget it. However, if you have a habit of waiting to replenish your cleaning supplies, you may have had times where you ran out of cleaning solutions to clean your home. Don’t put off restocking your supplies – make them yourself instead and you’ll save time, effort, and money! 

For one, vinegar and baking soda make a wonderful cleaning paste or spray that can be used to remove soap scum, mold, and hard water stains from your shower walls and kitchen countertops. Lemon and salt makes a great chopping board scrubber, as well as one for your shower doors. Hydrogen peroxide is great for cleaning stains from fabrics! 

Plus, there are multiple guides online where you can find recipes on safe, effective, and easy to mix cleaning solutions! You’ll never need to buy commercial cleaners again, and you can even opt to ask your part-time cleaner to use your homemade cleaning products instead. These solutions are safe for both pets and kids too, so you can be assured of their non-toxicity.

Break Down Your Chores

Looking at all the chores you need to do in one go can be overwhelming. It is much easier for your eyes to break down the chores into smaller clumps so you can tackle them one at a time. Categorize the chores based on their difficulty, and prioritize chores where you need to soak a cleaner on, like cleaning your oven, so you can do other tasks while you wait.

Delegate Tasks

Now that you’ve broken down your tasks, delegate them! If you share the house with other household members, family, or roommates, consider delegating chores to others. You’ll end up with an even, balanced out workload where everyone in the house does their fair share of chores. 

Even kids can be taught at an early age to clean up after themselves, or to clear countertops. You can even rotate chores per week so everyone can do different things. You’ll work together better, and you can also instill proper responsibilities to your kids!