5 Tips To Reduce Data Usage on Road Trips

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Using your phone as a source of entertainment when you’re on a road trip is common nowadays. Rather than waste your data during the drive, check out these tips to reduce data usage on road trips!

Close Unused Apps

One of the best ways to preserve data is only to use it when necessary, so close out of apps once you no longer need them. Another tip to reduce data usage on road trips is to turn off notifications for games and social media since this also eats away at data.

Use Mobile Hotspots

While many recommend connecting to free Wi-Fi as you make pitstops and grab a quick bite to eat, this isn’t always the best option. In theory, mobile hotspots are great because they translate to free internet; however, they aren’t secure. Hackers can access any information on your device if you connect to free Wi-Fi.

As such, it’s a good idea to investigate what mobile hotspots areand how they work. For example, some individuals purchase mobile hotspots to connect to the internet to improve speeds. Some even connect these to hotspot signal boosters to increase rates since frequent loading screens use more data.

Download Entertainment

Since you need to close as many apps as possible to preserve your data, you might assume you’ll be barred from having phone-based entertainment on your trip. Not if you download what you want to watch or listen to ahead of time! Keep a playlist of your favorite songs readily available by downloading them on your phone before leaving. Additionally, downloading movies is a great way to keep kids entertained on a road trip.

Use a Map

Although our phones are practically minicomputers and help us with just about any task, you don’t need it for the entire drive. Rather than rely on GPS to direct you to your location, consider printing the directions at home.

Although, if you really want to use a digital map, download it onto your phone. Another option is to purchase an external GPS if your vehicle doesn’t have one built into it. Doing either of these things will preserve your phone’s data and its battery life.

Check Your Usage

When in doubt, go into your settings and check how much data you’ve used—this differs for Android and iPhone users. Avoiding data use can be a challenge for some, especially when accessing social media becomes second nature.

By evaluating your data usage throughout the trip, you can prevent yourself from using too much. Simply use one of the nifty tips in this article so you can enjoy your trip!