5 Tips for Hosting a Super Bowl Party

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The football season is slowly drawing to a close—the playoffs are right around the corner. Not to mention, many people deem the Super Bowl Sunday to be one of the greatest days of the year. It’s up there with St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day. Even people that aren’t fans of football attend Super Bowl parties, because why not? It’s a great time to hang out with friends and family and enjoy great food and drink. If you want to throw your own party this year, use some of these tips for hosting a Super Bowl party to make sure it’s awesome.

Mount Your TV

Everyone is at your place for one thing—to watch the game. So, have someone hang it on the wall to make sure all your guests can see the TV. Ensure they put it up high enough so people who aren’t front and center on the couch can still see the game. While you’re at it, consider getting a new, bigger TV! The super bowl is the perfect excuse to splurge and treat yourself.

Cover the Coffee Table

The coffee table acts as ground zero for food and drinks during the game. People will set anything and everything they can on it, so they won’t have to move and interrupt the game. Plus, heavy foot traffic means there will likely be spills—and lots of them. Cover your coffee table with a plastic table cloth or heavy brown paper, and tape it down so it doesn’t shift mid-game.

Create Seating

For the people that want to watch the game, nothing other than smack in front of the TV will do for seating. Obviously, this is hard to achieve for more than one person. However, do your best to rearrange your furniture to fit as many chairs and couches as possible. For example, if you have bar stools in your house, bring those in and set them up in the back.

Stick to Finger Foods

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t the day to show off your amazing cooking skills. Don’t put out a huge spread with food that involves two hands or silverware. You can dazzle the crowd by making delicious finger foods that are super easy to eat. There are thousands of game day recipes on the internet, so choose around 10 of your favorites and get to work.

 Put the Booze in One Spot

There will be a lot of drink options on game day. And, if you have good friends, they will bring something to contribute to the party. As such, designate one spot for all the booze—choose an area away from the action. Further, put it in a spot that won’t block the TV or disrupt the flow of the room, and tell everyone to leave their donations there.