5 Things that Pennsylvania is known for

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Whether you are new to Pennsylvania or you have lived here all of your life, you may be interested to know what makes the state famous. Indeed, there are some cool things here in the north-eastern part of the country. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at five things that Pennsylvania is known for by people around the world.

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The Cheesesteak ‘Philly’ Sandwich

Philly is renowned for its many pizza restaurants, probably because there are many Italian traditions and customs in the city. If you are going to Philadelphia PA, a pizza is a must. But, your trip will not be complete until you have tried a Philly sandwich. Also referred to as a cheesesteak sandwich, this unique and delicious food is family around the world. It consists of beefsteak, a lot of melted cheese and a hoagie roll. Indeed, this is a meal that originated in Pennsylvania and a lot of people love it as a fast food option. It is thought that Harry and Pat Olivien were the first people to create this sandwich, starting with steak on an Italian roll. At the time, they sold hot dogs on a stand. But when a cab driver preferred this sandwich, they soon switched to offering the Philly cheesesteak.

Hershey Chocolate

If there is one chocolate that everybody loves in the United States, it is Hershey. Well, Pennsylvania is known as the chocolate capital of the USA. This is because this famous chocolate was first made in the state. In particular, the brand started in Derry Township, with the founder having his factory in Hershey, an unincorporated community. This is found around 14 miles away from Harrisburg.

It all started in Philadelphia back in 1873. Milton S. Hershey opened his own candy shop here after he had learned the arts of the confectioner. This place was open for several years before he completed another apprenticeship so that he could learn to make caramel. In fact, he went on to create the Lancaster Caramel Company in Pennsylvania. This was extremely successful and he ended up selling his company for a lot of money. He would use this money to start his Hershey Chocolate company. The rest is history.

Being One of the Founding States

Pennsylvania is known for being one of the thirteen original founding states of the United States. It has been in existence since 1681 and it was founded by William Penn. He brought the Quakers to this part of the United States. He also signed a peace treaty with the Delaware Tribe and Tammany and this meant that the Quakers and the Native Americans could live in harmony. This treaty was never broken by William Penn and it was respected.

In addition, Philadelphia is particularly historical, since it was where the Declaration of Independence was produced. This is what started the American Revolution. Over the years, Pennsylvania has played an important part in American history. For example, from 1790 to 1800, Philadelphia was the capital of the United States. This was until a permanent place was created in Washington D.C later on. Now, it is a thriving place for people to live and work. If you want to move here, make sure you have Lemonade homeowners insurance as like most other cities in the US, property repairs and remedial work can be expensive.

The Rolling Hills

A lot of states in the US are flat or have specific mountain ranges. Whether they are full of greenery or have deserts, a lot of states are similar. But the one thing about Pennsylvania is that it is unique with its rolling hills. This is one of the first things that visitors to the state comment on. They have never been up and down so many hills when they are driving! This is a new background for a lot of people, with a lot of hills and hardwood trees. The lush forests are beautiful and relaxing, and you cannot help but be mesmerized by the mountains too.

The Amish Community

A lot of people want to learn and know more about the Amish community. Indeed, there are huge numbers residing in Pennsylvania. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as ‘Amish country’. The oldest settlement is found in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. From riding on horse and buggy to seeing a lot of windmills everywhere, the Amish way of life is said to be less stressful and more peaceful, although it is not without its own unique set of problems. There are tourist activities for you to learn more about the Amish. For example, you can take tours, shop for their hand-made crafts and learn some Pennsylvania Dutch cooking.