5 Simple Ways To Improve Any Camping Trip

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Camping is a great way to decompress and let yourself relax in the comforts of nature. Unfortunately, if you don’t plan things out, your trip may become stressful, and you can find yourself even more stressed. When you want to make sure you have a great time, here are five simple ways to improve any camping trip.

1. Check Your Gear

Inspecting your gear before you leave on your trip is always a good idea. Making sure your tent is in good condition and your lantern still works are vital steps to avoiding some frustration once you’re out there. Even if everything is in good shape, we recommend bringing some essential repair tools to make quick fixes while you’re out camping.

2. Pick a Good Campsite

The simplest way to improve any camping trip is to pick a good spot before you leave. Whether you’re booking a site with a commercial campground or heading out into the wilderness, consider what amenities you have access to and how they might affect your trip. Do you have access to fresh water? Are there nearby hiking trails? Consider the things you want and need on your trip and plan accordingly.

3. Sleep Comfortably

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to any camping trip, but many inexperienced campers underestimate what they need to accomplish this. Whether you use a cot or a sleeping bag, comfort is key. Consider investing in a proper mattress pad to separate you from the ground. Bring as many pillows as you want. You can get an incredible night’s rest if you prioritize your comfort.

4. Camping Food

There are always certain foods we think about when it comes to camping. S’mores, hot dogs, and maybe some dutch oven peach cobbler are all good, but try elevating your camping food to something new and exciting. Grill some fresh fish or find that perfect stew recipe. Camping is a great opportunity to try culinary treats you may not get at home.

5. Protect Your Body

Camping is great, but lots of unfortunate things can happen if you’re not careful. Make sure you bring along things to help keep your body in good condition. You want enough sunscreen to fend off burns and maybe some aloe cream in case you missed a spot. Bring bug spray to try and reduce those mosquito bites and bring some lotion to keep your skin moisturized.

If the weather is colder, remember to pack warm clothes and dress in layers to keep yourself toasty. Protecting yourself and keeping your body comfortable is one of the best ways to enjoy your trip.