5 Methods to Brew Fantastic Coffee at Home

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When it comes to drinking a good cup of coffee, no one does it better than Italians!

Each one of us has a favourite café or coffee-to-go shops. But let’s admit, for those days when we want to chill and relax in the comfort of our home, we crave to drink an equally tasty, flavourful coffee rich with aroma.

Knowing how to brew and prepare barista-quality coffee can be a life-changing skill. If you’re one of the people that enjoy in the process of making the first drips of coffee, this ritual will become more than pressing a button on your automatic coffee machine. You’ll enjoy a tasty serving while preparing your to-do list, relax in your sofa bed or scroll through the best UK online slots if you like to play casino games from time to time. It might be a little challenging at first because you’ll need to be familiar with the methods and equipment used.

Here we’ll round up and explain different ways to brew homemade coffee manually. Keep reading to find out more about the AeroPress method, or how to prepare the perfect pour-over coffee.  

Pour Over Method

This method produces coffee with a smooth and delicate texture that resides somewhere between tea and apple juice. The pour-over method is considered to be one of the most expressive, due to the process of filtration. This method works in a way that you put a special paper filter that fits into the dripper. The paper filter results in a clarified mouthfeel as it holds back oils and undissolved coffee particles pouring in the cup. Pour overs are for anyone that appreciates focused and simple morning ritual and is not afraid to experiment. While drippers are considered as entry-level brewing tools, using one requires focus and special care. The biggest challenge here is your pouring practice in which the stream of water leaving the kettle saturates the coffee grounds

The Coffeemaker

The traditional and enduring appeal of a good coffeemaker is its convenience and speed-a drip of coffee in a push of a button. The process depends on the machine but is very similar to a pour-over dripper. A filter in the form of cone sits above a pot. Then, you place a paper filter unless the device has a built-in reusable filter. Fill the machine with ground coffee and press start. When it comes to some tips on the grind, a medium grind size about the grain of sea salt is optimal. This method is right if you’re in a morning rush. To optimise your coffee beans, we recommend using a scale to weigh your fresh coffee. 

The French Press

The French press method is invented in 1929 and is considered as the easiest method for brewing superior, consistent coffee. This method extracts the maximum of the coffee flavour and potential, compared to any other type of brewing method. In a press pot, ground coffee is soaked, steeped and strained in hot water. This way, the essential oils, caffeine and antioxidants are better diffused and preserved, leaving the pure flavour of black coffee. The aroma and taste of a press pot coffee are intense, and the method is gaining on popularity. If you love your coffee over breakfast or something sweet, this choice is perfect for you. 

The AeroPress

Aeropress is what they like to call it- the Swiss army knife of brew methods. It is a versatile method that embraces improvisation and gives the coffee a mouthful and silky finish. The AeroPress coffee can be quite concentrated and espresso-like in its intensity. This method combines immersion, where water and coffee grounds steep, like a French press, and filtration (like pour-over because it uses paper filters). To make it, wet a paper filter, fit it into the device, assemble the plastic components, add coffee and water and then plunge. AeroPress is for the travellers, minimalists and coffee enthusiasts who like to experiment with tastes. The only drawback we can see is the need to buy speciality filters, but for a coffee that good, it’s worth it.

The Moka Pot

Now’s the time to talk a bit more about the well-known Moka Pot Coffee – a metal, two-story hexagonal stovetop coffee maker that uses pressure extraction similar to espresso. This is a classic Italian coffee brewing method that people use to prepare their coffee dose. The magic behind the Moka pot is in its 3- chambered brew process. Water in the bottom chamber boils, and the steam will cause a pressure that pushes water up through the coffee grounds into the top chamber. If you do it right, you’ll have a bittersweet and super-strong coffee serving that will get you through the day.

Consider not to pack the grounds too tightly, because it can block the water and cause too much pressure to build up. Also, try to brew the coffee with the lid open. It tastes much better and as soon as coffee starts flowing out of the sprout, remove it from the heat and close the lid. Run the outside of the pot under cold water to stop the extraction process. Many people find this method for coffee preparation relaxing and kind of zen to set up. The clean up is effortless, and the sputtering of coffee brewing will bring you the atmosphere of an Italy coffee shop.

Learning how to brew your coffee better can be an exciting experience for your senses. It’s good to know that high-quality coffee isn’t out of reach for home brewing conditions. Your taste and preferences since you first started to drink coffee are probably changed, and hopefully, with this guide, you’ll know how to get the maximum flavour out of any brewing method.