5 Essential Items You Need in Your Man Cave

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If you’re a man who loves sports, you need a dedicated space to watch the game with your family and friends. When you’re not watching sports, a man cave is the perfect room to host a movie night or play a round of pool. Check out these five essential items you need in your man cave to make it feel like home.

TV and Speakers

If you’re going to watch sports, you need something to watch it on. We recommend getting a screen that you can see from anywhere in the room so that it doesn’t matter whether everyone can get a front row seat. It’s also a good idea to upgrade your sound system to speakers that can project sound anywhere in the room. That way, no one misses out.

Plenty of Seating

If you’re the only one who uses the room, you can probably get away with a good pair of leather recliners. Otherwise, you’re going to want to plan for more people. A couch is an excellent choice, especially if it has perks like built-in recliners or cup holders.

Bar Station

Whether you drink or not, you need a place to store beverages and snacks. We recommend putting in a bar with a counter so that you can set out food and utensils. Barstools can create extra seating, and having at least a mini-fridge is very helpful for keeping drinks chilled.


If you’re a big sports fan, this is the place to let people know. Hang up the flags of your favorite teams, show off any rare or signed memorabilia, and post the rules for your man cave.

If you have an exterior door, it’s a good idea to get a doormat so that you don’t track dirt into your man cave. There are many types of doormats.

Games and Entertainment

The TV should never be the only source of entertainment in a man cave. As long as you have the space, a gaming table is a good option. Here are some of our favorite types of games to have in a man cave:

  • Billiards table
  • Table hockey
  • Foosball
  • Arcade games
  • Darts

We hope these essential items you need in your man cave give you the inspiration to get started. The most important part of setting up a man cave is that you and your friends feel comfortable hanging out there.