4 Ways To Enjoy Beer Like An Expert

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Beer is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks across the world. Every year, the world drinks approximately 290 billion regular-sized bottles’ worth of beer. That’s roughly 190 million kiloliters of beer.

Beer also happens to be one of the oldest beverages in history. Legends say it was accidentally made when someone mashed some grapes and kept them in a large barrel. To that person’s surprise, he created a drink that would be incredibly popular for all eternity. 

As the fifth most consumed beverage in the world, you may be asking yourself if you’re drinking your beer properly. That is indeed one of the most frequently asked questions about beer, but don’t worry, you’re in the right place. If you want to know the best ways to enjoy your beer, you should continue reading.

Without further ado, here are the four fundamental ways to drink your beer and enjoy the party nights like a pro:

  1. Choose Your Beer

There are many kinds of beer to choose from, but do you know which ones will best suit your tastes? Here are the most popular options that you may want to try out:

  • Ale: This type of beer has a high percentage of alcohol and is mostly known for its cloudy and dark appearance. Ales have a slightly sweet and fruity flavor. If you prefer a more bitter ale, you may opt for an Indian Pale Ale. This beer is perfect for those who like a robust ale. But beware, it could knock you down quickly. So, you would want to drink at your own risk.
  • Porter: You’ll know this beer by its really dark appearance; so dark that you can barely see anything through it. It comes in chocolate and caramel flavors with a well-balanced profile.
  • Stout: This beer is known for its dark and creamy appearance. It is available in rich cocoa, chocolate, and roasted coffee.
  • Bitter: This beer is known for its deep bronze color. It has a bitter hop flavor that is slightly more intense than Indian pale ale. 
  • Wheat: when you drink this type of beer, you’ll taste different flavors, such as clove, apple, spices, or banana. Unlike most types beer mentioned earlier, this is not bitter, so it is typically served with a wedge of lemon.
  • Lager: This beer is known for its light, refreshing, sweet, and crisp flavor, all because of the slow fermentation process used to make it. Some common types of lager include bock, pilsner, Vienna lager, American lager, and marzens. 

If you prefer beers with low alcohol content, some options like Hurricane Head Lager may be a better choice for yourself. 

  1. Pair It With The Right Type Of Food

Beer is best enjoyed with right food. They complement each other, bringing out their best flavors at the same time. Here is a guide you can follow to know which food are perfect for your beer:

  • Ale: spicy food, burgers, hot buffalo wings, deep-fried foods, pizzas, and steaks
  • Porter: smoked meats and sausages, grilled foods, chilies, rich and hearty stews, cured bacon
  • Stout: roasted and smoked food, salty food, grilled foods, rich and hearty stews, braises, chocolates, and desserts
  • Bitter: roasted pork and chicken, mild cheese, oatmeal cookies, fish and chips
  • Wheat: light soups, salad dressings and greens, vegetable dishes, sushi rolls, Gruyere and feta cheese, citrusy dishes, and sweet and fruity dishes
  • Lager: grilled and barbecued pork and chicken, shellfish, sushi rolls, light pasta dishes, Southeast Asian dishes, Mexican dishes, and spicy foods

Remember that this is only a guide. You may still use your preference and pick your own foods and beer as long as you enjoy them.

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  1. Choose The Perfect Glass For Every Type

Yes, you read it right. Every type of beer has its corresponding glass, and rather than drinking your beer in a plastic cup, it’s better to use the right glass to get the full experience. Here are different glasses and what types of beer tastes best with them.

  • Mug: pilsner, Indian pale ale, American and other colors of ale, and English stout
  • Pint glass: Indian pale ale, dark stout and lager, American and English ale, and pale ale
  • Goblet glass: Belgian Indian pale ale, dark ales, quadruple and triple beer
  • Tulip glass: American black and red ale, fruit beer, spiced beer, and Belgian blonde ale
  • Pilsner glass: Vienna lager other types of lager, American malt beer
  • Weizen glass: wheat ale and white beer

If you don’t have these glass options available, you can still drink your best beer with your favorite meals. What’s important is that you enjoy the night.

  1. Taste Your Beer Properly

Since beers like Lager and ale have different taste profiles, you may want to follow these simple steps to appreciate every sip of it even better:

  • Take a look: Check the body and color of the beer and its foamy appearance.
  • Smell it: Take a whiff and determine a hint of taste, such as chocolate, roasted note, coffee note, or bread-like flavor
  • Taste it: Take a sip, but swish it a bit around your mouth before swallowing to properly taste it, and feel the flavors in your mouth. 

Final Words

There are only be four steps to enjoy good beer, but the secret to enjoying your beer like a pro. So, got any plans tonight? Call your friends and loved ones, and have fun drinking your beer like an expert.