4 Tips for Improving Efficiency at Your Pizzeria

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Pizzerias are one of the best types of restaurants in the world. A good pizzeria serves delicious pizza quickly and efficiently. While your pizzeria may already do well, it can always do better. Keep reading to learn four tips for improving efficiency at your pizzeria.

Ask Employees What’s Going Wrong

If you want to improve efficiency because you notice a problem in the front or back-of-house, ask your employees about it. They work in these areas every day and can tell you where the problematic spots are. Once you know where the problem is, you can create efficient solutions.

Offer Additional Trainings

Sometimes the efficiency problem comes back to the staff. Maybe they joined during a busy time and never received the training they needed. Maybe they need more support and don’t know how to ask. Maybe new menu items are causing confusion. Whatever the reason, you can provide additional trainings to help. Take the time to teach customer service skills, set up a mentorship program, and go over new menu items so that employees feel prepared for work.

Provide Storage and Ergonomic Tools

Even with the right knowledge at hand, staff can sometimes struggle to deliver food efficiently. Often, the inefficiency comes back to the kitchen design and its tools. If the kitchen is overcrowded or staff constantly move around to reach storage or other items, the kitchen can’t function well. Limit kitchen staff to the bare essentials so that they can work efficiently. Place storage close to workstations to ensure the limited staff don’t have to wander for their needs. Finally, provide ergonomic tools so that accidents, hand cramps, or other problems don’t interfere with your kitchen’s workflow.

Invest in Good Equipment

The equipment in your kitchen should work as hard as your staff. When you need to replace equipment or buy new pieces, invest in good equipment that will help your kitchen thrive. For example, you may notice that hand-tossing your pizza takes a lot of time. Using a pizza press is better than hand-tossing because it shortens the preparation timeframe and can efficiently produce more pizzas. Consider investing in this equipment or other pieces of efficient equipment so that your pizzeria can meet customer demand.

Improving efficiency at your pizzeria comes down to these four tips about your employees, your kitchen, and your equipment. If you prioritize your employees, provide a good kitchen space, and invest in the right equipment, your pizzeria can thrive.