3 Ways To Include Kids in Your Anniversary Festivities

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While one-on-one getaways with your spouse are often ideal for an anniversary, those aren’t always practical. If you have a prototypical Italian family with a handful of kids, getting a sitter isn’t the easiest task. Some years, though, it just feels right to celebrate the beginning of your family by having your kids, the people who came from your marriage, by your side.

No matter your rationale, we have some potential ways to include kids in your anniversary festivities that will inform your planning.

Take a “Family Birthday” Weekend Away

To start, dare to take a weekend away from home with everyone in tow. Your anniversary, after all, is your family’s birthday. Though this takes some exhausting prep when all you may want is relaxation, the pay-off can be precious. You can explore a new place by pulling the trigger on going rather than staying back due to your worries. Plus, your kids feel the joy of inclusion rather than believing their parents enjoy time away from them more than time together.

Buy an Anniversary Gift With Your Kids’ Help

Second, because you don’t want to make an anniversary gift mistake, foolproof the process by recruiting your kids’ expertise and skills. Kids love being in on a secret and keeping it from the parent who will receive it. Give this to them by asking their gift opinion or forming a plan to make a present with them. Going this route ensures your gift is personal and unique from all other anniversary gifts during your marriage.

Cook a Meal as a Family

Our final idea to include kids in your anniversary festivities is to bring everyone to one spot: the kitchen. There, you can enjoy the hectic fun of collaborating on a dish as a unit. These types of things make the fondest memories for your kids, and the fact you get a meal out of it isn’t too bad, either. We recommend making pasta from scratch to give you some solid time together.