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One of the many things that the pandemic has changed about our daily lives is the fact that some companies are now exploring the flexibility afforded by the work from home setup. During the height of the lockdown and quarantine restrictions, businesses were given no option but to adopt this setup as a way to continue thriving through the pandemic, but more and more people are seeing the benefits of this enough to push forward with it until now.

The work from home setup can be very beneficial as it no longer requires employees to expend time and energy needed to commute and get to the office on time. It also grants employees a much more sustainable approach to work life balance, while also allowing them to explore productivity in other places rather than just associating it with the workplace.

Apart from a laptop and other tech accessories, one other major thing that every employee needs to flourish under the work from home setup is a workplace that is free of distractions and conducive for hard work and prolonged focus. This is especially true for those who live with other people like family members as these can disrupt any concentration developed throughout the day.

However, your workplace also needs to be clean and organized to make you feel comfortable enough to buckle down until the end of your shift, so here are some tips on how to keep your work table clean and organized.

Tip #1: Never Let Messes Accumulate

I’ll clean that up later. I’ll put that away in a bit. I’ll deal with that in a few minutes. These are all things that you tell yourself but never actually end up doing. Whether it’s an empty takeout box from your last meal or even a box of bandaids that you just needed to put somewhere, you should never leave anything on your table that is unrelated to your work or your tasks for the day.

This tip might seem too strict and tense, but the chances of you actually following through on removing the item decreases significantly the longer you put it off. It’s a fact of life that people do end up procrastinating on things that they don’t recognize as being too urgent or important, and this is only exacerbated by the fact that you’re far too focused on your work to actually think about the mess that’s gradually building up. 

As harmless as it may seem to leave a few things on your table, it could actually make it harder for you to stay concentrated when you’re working in an untidy area. It has been shown that a neat environment of work stimulates productivity as there are no distractions to fight for your attention.

Tip #2: Set Boundaries

A great way to avoid the accumulation of mess on your work table is by developing the habit of only doing work when you’re seated at your desk. This means that you’re not allowed to eat any snacks or meals, nor engage in any other hobbies or activities  at your desk. Not only does this keep any crumbs or random items away from your desk, but it also helps you achieve a better work life balance. 

Associating work with a specific place or location in your home gives you the ability to physically walk away from it at the end of the day the same way you’d be able to leave an office building. One of the major problems of the work from home setup was how it didn’t allow people to disconnect from their work when work also coincided with their home lives, but this is a great way to build some boundaries when working from home.

Tip #3: Regular Cleanings

The first step to keeping anything in your home tidy is to clean it regularly. While it’s good to clean messes as you encounter them, this isn’t really an effective approach to maintaining a clean work environment. Having a regular cleaning routine for your workspace not only prevents these messes from happening in the first place, but also helps remove any dust or dirt that you may not have noticed otherwise. 

It’s basically an effective long-term approach, and it doesn’t even have to be that hard. All you really need is to get a clean cloth and dampen it with either water, soapy water or your preferred cleaning solution before running this across the entire surface, as well as any corners or crevices that you can see.

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