3 Tips for Making Your Outdoor Party Truly Unique

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Summer is the time for social lives to blossom. From exciting vacations to backyard barbecues, everyone looks forward to having fun with family and friends all season long. Summer has looked a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your time alone indoors. Outdoor parties are a great social distancing solution for you and your loved ones. The fresh air and extra space allow you to host a few friends safely while adhering to CDC guidelines. Your party doesn’t have to suffer from these measures, either. Throw the summer party you deserve with these tips for making your outdoor party truly unique.

Beat the Heat

One of the biggest concerns when holding an outdoor party is the weather. While summer often provides glorious sunshine and warmth, no one wants to spend the afternoon sweating outdoors. Give your guests a way to cool off while they enjoy themselves. Place buckets of ice with refreshing drinks around the area so that guests can help themselves. You can also set up a tent to provide some much-needed shade—and a backup plan in case it rains. If there are kids running around at the party, try setting up a sprinkler or kiddie pool nearby to give them a fun way to cool off.

Make the Decorations Special

One of the best tips for making your outdoor party truly unique is to make your decorations stand out. Take advantage of your yard space by adding plenty of fresh flowers and greenery. You can also get creative with the lighting. String lights, torches, or lanterns to create unique, atmospheric lighting for any gathering. Don’t forget to decorate your tent if you choose to use one. Show off your favorite color scheme or pick a fun theme to incorporate throughout the entire party. Decorating gives you the chance to show off your style and make the party stand out as uniquely you.

Give Away Party Favors

Gift bags, treats, and other party favors leave guests with a lasting impression. You can give away little souvenirs or mementos so that your friends always have a reminder of the event. Alternatively, send your guests home with something sweet, such as a candy bag. You can also make cute, handwritten notes with the date and theme of the party. Little gifts like these are great keepsakes for you and your guests to enjoy and cherish long after the party has ended.