3 Refreshing Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

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After bundling up and staying inside all winter, there’s nothing more satisfying than lounging around in the summer sun. Unfortunately, summer comes with its own share of difficulties. If you’re not careful, that inviting sunshine can cause painful burns and dehydration. Fear not, for there are plenty of things you can do to cool down and enjoy even the hottest summer days. Check out these refreshing ways to stay cool this summer and make the most out of this splendid, sunny season.

Keep Your Drinks Cold

Hydration is the key to a good summer. Drinking plenty of tasty, ice-cold beverages will keep you hydrated, cool you down, and help you make the most of every fun day you have planned this season. Try to have a cold drink on hand throughout the day. Remember that sugary drinks won’t keep you as hydrated as others. After treating yourself to an iced coffee or glass of soda, make sure you cool down with a glass of ice water. You can also compromise with sweet but healthy drinks, like fresh juice. Switch up what you’re drinking throughout the day to keep your hydration routine fun and interesting.

Schedule Around the Sun

Everyone wants plenty of time to hang out in the sun this summer, but when it gets too hot, you should avoid being outside during the hottest hours of the day. The sun is strongest during midday. During particularly intense heatwaves, plan your day so that you can stay inside and spend time in the air conditioning. If you’re worried about not getting your fill of the fresh air and sunshine, make the most of the cooler hours by getting up early or planning outdoor activities for later in the afternoon.

Get Creative With Summer Meals

What you eat plays a huge role in how you feel throughout the day. One of the best ways to stay refreshed this summer is to enjoy lighter meals that cool you down and don’t require a hot stove or oven to make. Salads and sandwiches are seasonal favorites that you can simply take out of the refrigerator and eat. If you want to cook, try grilling your favorite meals outside instead of heating up your home with the oven. Finally, top off the meal with a delicious frozen treat like popsicles or ice cream.