3 Driving Tips for a Really Long Commute

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Not everyone has the pleasure of living close to their place of work. On the other hand, perhaps they prefer to live farther away. Whatever the reason, if you spend more than an hour coming to the Golden Triangle or elsewhere in Pittsburgh, you need some driving tips for your really long commute. If you incorporate these, you’ll enjoy a much safer ride to and from your job while finding ways to enjoy the time.

Plan for Traffic

First, limit your stress by planning for traffic. It’s always good to give yourself at least 15 minutes of margin in case traffic worsens. Otherwise, an unexpected accident or construction project could halt you in your tracks and make you late. Instead of fretting over when you’ll arrive, leaving early gives you a sense of control.

You can also investigate the current condition of traffic and keep an ear out for impending construction jobs. Doing so gives you even more warning about potential delays.

When you do hit traffic—since it is an inevitability—you need safe traffic-jam driving practices to get you through. Though this kind of driving wears you down, remaining vigilant and even-keeled is your top priority.

Eat Before You Leave

Another factor that wears you down is driving on an empty stomach. Just like running or playing a sport, driving requires a substantial amount of energy. Prep for this exertion by eating a solid breakfast before leaving in the morning, and at least eating a protein-rich snack before you drive back.

Avoid sugary meals and snacks to prevent experiencing a drop in blood sugar as your body finishes processing your food. Avoiding these drops helps you keep a clear head as you drive.

Take Your Time; Don’t Get Pulled Over

Our final driving tip for a really long commute is to pace yourself. A long commute, as annoying as it can be, is a marathon. Stressing yourself to gain every inch and beat your estimated arrival time saps your energy and only saves a few minutes. Also, going this route increases your risk of getting pulled over, which will not only lengthen your commute but drain your wallet as well.

Settle in, listen to an engaging podcast, explore new music genres, and relax. This time can be productive and safe if you want it to be.