16 Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained At Home

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Are you stuck at home? Before your laziness gets to your head, remember that boredom is all but a choice. Here’s a compiled list of simple, easy, and cost-free activities that you can do to keep yourself entertained at home. From arranging your cupboard to DIY skin facials, here are sixteen ways to entertain yourself the next time you feel like counting the dots on the ceiling or hypnotizing yourself watching Netflix:

1.    Paint Your Nails

2.    Workout

3.    Read a Book

4.    Free-up Space on your Phone

5.    Have a Photo Shoot

6.    DIY Face Mask

7.    Play Board Games

8.    Clean your Makeup-Brushes

9.    Clean your Bags

10. Organize your Closet

11. Earn some Cash

12. Make Jewelry

13. Play the Music in Off-Lights

14. Play Online Games

15. Have a Spa Night

16. DIY Family Scrapbook

Paint your Nails

Nail Art is always trending. Either on Instagram or Snapchat, you will constantly see fancy nails everywhere. Why not try a new color or design?  You can learn and practice by watching others on YouTube. Now you’re ready to go for a new look!


The best way to entertain yourself at home is to  workout. Wear your favorite colored leggings, open a workout app, turn up the music, and get pumped to sweat it out for an hour. It will entertain you, burn the extra calories, and keep you active.

Read a Book

Select an interesting book and read it aloud to your family. Make it more fun by taking turns while reading and interacting with the storyline. This method of entertainment will be your family book club. This is a great idea for those with young children who love stories!

If you are looking for a list of interesting books to read next just for your own reading entertainment,  here are a few interesting self-help books to read.

Free-up space on your Phone

We all want to delete extra photos, apps, old messages, and things that we don’t need anymore. Use your time to delete all these extras and make some space for upcoming photos & videos. Tip: buy yourself a USB stick and save everything to your computer so you’re not forced to delete everything.

Have a Photo Shoot

Throw on your glamorous outfits and take some photos. You can always use a new selfie for Instagram or send a cute one to your partner or friends. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can ask a friend or professional photographer to visit your home and take some amazing headshots. 

DIY Face Mask

For a quick fix, apply a natural homemade face mask to target skin issues including acne, dry skin, and dullness. You can simply go to your kitchen and mix a few healthy ingredients such as honey, milk, or yogurt, and apply it. You can also search online for skin care ideas. Give your skin the radiance it deserves.

Play Board Games

Board games are the best way to kill the boredom at home. You can choose from various options including Catan, Ticket to Ride, Risk, and Sequence, just to name a few. Why not invite some friends over and have a little get-together. Let the games begin!

Clean Makeup-Brushes

Your skin will be thankful for cleaning your makeup tools including brushes and beauty blenders. Clean them with lukewarm water and a pinch of soap to scrub away the dirt and build-up. For some extra fun time-wasters, you can go ahead and try some new makeup looks with those freshly cleaned brushes!

Clean Bags

How many of us habitually use a matching bag with every outfit? While changing the bags, it’s possible to leave extra things behind such as receipts, wrappers, lipsticks, or money. Clean out all of your bags and you may find your favorite lipstick that you seemed to have lost months ago!

Organize your Closet

This is one of my favorite activities while being at home. You can simply organize your closet by choosing the top priority clothes and giving away the extra ones. You can also make outfits and wear them later.

Earn Some Cash

After cleaning your closet, you can post extra clothes’ pics on Craigslist and find them a new home. Not only will you get extra money, but you will declutter your wardrobe as well.

Make Jewelry

Learning a new art is always fun, especially when you can utilize that skill in your daily routine. Making some jewelry can be a lot of fun.  You can search for many online links to learn how to make a necklace or rings

Don’t be afraid to let your creativity run wild and impress people with your skills! Making things with your hands is a great way to stay entertained and learn something new if you haven’t done so already.

Play the Music With the Lights Off

Who doesn’t like a peaceful ambiance? When it comes to entertaining yourself, many of us will reach for our phone and jam out to our favorite playlist on spotify. You can simply turn on your playlist, turn off the lights, and enjoy the music. 

The best way to clean is to also sing along to music. It definitely helps with getting your chores done faster and makes it super entertaining when singing into your mop.

Play Online Games

Playing online games is fun for everyone, especially if they are online casino games! It’s a fun and thrilling way to stay entertained for hours and think of it as improving your gambling skills. Why not try taking a shot at it, and may the odds be in your favor? For the best bonuses and casino fun, check out online casino games like Fan Duel. 

Have a Spa Night

The most refreshing yet entertaining thing can be a spa night at home. Turn on soothing music, light some scented candles, and make your bathroom resemble a spa. You can do manicures, pedicures, facials, bubble baths or massages (If you have a partner!).

DIY Family Scrapbook

Choose a collection of your favorite family photos. Gather these pictures into groups and start making a scrapbook. Maybe you want to organize special events together. The ideas for making a family scrapbook are endless. You can personalize it and customize it to your liking and add flowers, glitter, or even a piece of a shell from the beach!

I hope his list helps you may find new ideas to entertain yourself rather than scrolling through instagram or facebook all day! Be creative and learn something new.