11 Trending Lion Finger Tattoo in 2019


Tattoos have been in trend from thousands of years. The difference is the technique used in making tattoos. Equipment for tattooing has been introduced later, in ancient times people used sharp objects and natural colors for tattooing. Tattoos on various parts of the body have been in trend for so long. But tattoo on finger is something that you can’t neglect. There are many of us who want to get a tattoo but not a large one, so the solution is finger tattoo. Finger tattoos are small as well as cool and something new. And now what kind of tattoo you should get? Maybe, Lion. Lion tattoo was never out of trend. And getting inked lion on any of your body parts defines your personality as a  born leader and powerful.

Now the question is what type of lion tattoo you should get inked? To help you we have come up with really cool ideas for this. Below are some of the Lion Finger Tattoo designs you should get inked.

Lion/Lioness With Crown

If you are a successful businessman or a businesswoman or you are at some authoritative post, you should definitely get this tattoo. This tattoo will give a vibe of King or Queen to the people around you. A tattoo is something that defines your personality so by getting this tattoo you are telling or proving everyone that you are the King or Queen as a lion defines power and nobility and lioness defines pride and affection.

Baby Lion

We would suggest mothers getting Baby Lion Tattoo inked. After all, who doesn’t love their babies? Whether it is a human baby or an animal baby, both have equal cuteness. The baby lion defines power as well as innocence. And this is what every mother wants in her baby. And get it done on the pinky (little) finger of your hand it will look fabulous and you can also get heart inked on your middle finger as that will define your love.

Couple Tattoo

Couple tattoo goals have been in trend from a couple of years, it doesn’t matter whether you are boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife. So if you are getting a Couple Tattoo done then why not try lion tattoo. Yeah, it will look definitely lovely. A boy should get lion face inked and get your girl lioness inked, you can do it even vice-versa.  It will show your love for each other and the amount of hope and faith in you have in each other. So without any delay get it done.

Small Walking Lion

If you want to get a cute tattoo, choose a small walking lion. You can even create a story on your fingers. For example, get a hunter with an ax printed on your little finger and a lion walking towards hunter fearlessly on an index finger. It will show the power and strength of the lion. It will inspire you as well to be fearless and hardworking for your achievements. You can also show the love between lion and lioness by getting it inked on an index and middle finger facing each other and a small heart above them.

Lion’s Eye

If you don’t want to get the whole lion face printed on your finger you can go for a lion’s eye or eyes as well. The structure of Lion’s Eye is very different one can easily recognize it. It will be easier if you get a colorful tattoo done. Lion’s eye color is different and attractive too. You can get a blue-grey color or an orangy brown color. They first have blue-grey eyes that get converted into orangy brown eyes as they get older.

Lion’s Paw Print

Lion’s paw print is another good and cute option for those who don’t want to get a lion’s face inked. You can get it done on one single finger or can cover all four fingers. It will look amazing in any of the ways. You have another option of getting it inked all plain or getting it inked with tribal art. Tribal art print in shape of lion’s paw. It will look more interesting than the plain one. If you are going to get it inked covering all four fingers then prefer tribal art one.

Outlined Tattoo

Don’t like many colors or shaded tattoos? Or want to keep it simple? That’s totally fine, you can go for an outlined tattoo too. It will just have the outline of the structure or design you want to get tattooed. But if you are going for an outlined tattoo make sure to tell tattoo artist to use black ink if your skin is fair and white ink if your skin is dark. Then it will highlight on your finger and will look stunning.

Roaring Lion

You have rebellious or wild nature go for Roaring lion tattoo. A roaring lion is the most dangerous animal on the planet, and so you are. It will perfectly describe your nature and way of dealing with matters. People around you will be aware. Tell tattoo artist to color his eyes with flamy orangy brown, it will add liveliness to your tattoo.

Horoscopic Sign – Leo

Many people desire to have their first tattoo based on their horoscope sign. So if you are Leo then it is a win-win situation for you. Leo defines the power and strength of a lion. Plus Lion Finger Tattoo is so in trend. And get it done on the middle finger, it is more attractive.   

Colored Lion

Black or grey can sometimes be boring. You can go for a colored lion tattoo. There are many styles of tattooing that offer you a colored tattoo. Some of them are Traditional style, Watercolor style, New school style, and Neo-Traditional style. If you want a bright and vibrant colored tattoo, go for Traditional or Neo-Traditional style. You can choose New School style if you want a cartoonish or comic style tattoo. If you are confused then don’t think much go for watercolor style tattoo that is basic colored tattoo style.

Chinese Lion

Chinese tattoos are a contemporary one. Everyone wishes to have at least one Chinese tattoo on their body. Chinese lion is the best tattoo get. Chinese lion depicts one’s strength, superiority, and stability. And the smaller version of it will look alluring as well. You can get it done both colored or black and grey version. It will look better on a thumb.

Above are some of the really cool lion finger tattoo that you must try and you can find more ideas like this at Fashionterest.