10 Things You Should Do in Australia

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Australia is a dream destination for tourists across the globe. It is endowed with a massive variety of opportunities for holidaymakers of all tastes and ages. Whether you are a sun worshiper, camper, hiker, or foodie, Australia will have you covered. The holiday options in the country are overwhelming, and it can be hard to decide what to do. This article has compiled a list of ten things you should never miss to do while visiting Australia.

Diving On the Great Barrier Reef

As one of the world’s most impressive natural wonders, the Great Barrier Rift offers nature lovers a reason to visit Australia. The reef is home to wonderful underwater creations, and among them are the sparkling fishes and colorful corals. While visiting the reef, you can try scuba diving and explore marine life in person.

Explore the City Of Sydney

Your visit to Australia can’t be complete without some exploration of Sydney and its harbor. You will love to see and even take a cruise to the iconic Opera House and Harbor. If you don’t mind heights, you can climb to the highest point in the bridge. However, if you are afraid of heights, you can ride on a ferry or helicopter and have a bird’s view of the bridge.

Hike at the Blue Mountains

If you are more of an outdoor excursionist, the New South Wales Blue Mountains is the place to visit. It offers a variety of outdoor adventures, including cycling, hiking, and scenic drives. Besides that, the mountains have crafts and antiques to discover, spas to relish, and caves to walk around.

Sun Basking at the Bondi Beach

The population of beaches in Australia is unmatched. Although there are many beaches to visit, you need to sample Sydney’s famous Bondi beach. The beach is the ideal destination for sun lovers and surfing pros. You’ll get to enjoy the unpolluted, therapeutic waters of the Pacific Ocean and the soft, soothing sand.

Visit the National Gallery of Australia

If you want to treat eyes to extraordinary arts, pay a visit to the National Gallery of Australia. Whether you decide to tour the gallery alone or join the guided tour, you will undoubtedly enjoy the remarkable collections.

Tour the Sandy Fraser Island

Of course, you’d love to experience the world’s largest island, that’s Fraser Island in Australia. The island offers holiday lovers endless fun activities. These activities range from exploration to the Maheno wreck and tag-along tours to diving and sailing in the ocean.

Stroll Around Melbourne City

Even if Sydney is on your itinerary, you shouldn’t miss out on Melbourne. Filled with fine-looking historic buildings, Melbourne is vibrant and attractive. While in the city, you can check out the aquarium, the Anzac underground museum, and don’t forget to visit the Shrine of Remembrance.

Shop at the Queen Victoria Market

You want to carry something special from Australia when your trip is over. Queen Victoria Market is the ideal place to shop for souvenirs. Being the leading open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere, it has an overwhelming variety of fresh foods, clothing, and handmade crafts.

A Walk on the Royal Botanical Gardens

You shouldn’t end your trip without taking a stroll around Victoria’s Royal Botanical Gardens. The garden showcases thousands of Australian native plant varieties. Also, the gardens hold regular workshops and exhibitions where you can learn a little botany on your Australian trip. If you want to unwind and experience some mental therapy, then make sure to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Watch a Live Sport and Taste Some Aussie Wine

The people of Australia love sports. If you miss out on a rugby tournament, then you’ll find a cricket game coming up. Attending live sports events is a great way to interact with the locals and have a snippet of their culture. And, if you love fine wine, then you should visit Australia’s premier wine vineyards such as Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, and Barossa Valley.

There you have it! These ten things should not miss in your to-do-list when touring Australia. But more importantly, you need a reliable means of transportation to move around the country—contact helicopter joy flights Brisbane safest and most reliable flight company.

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